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A club for fans of the Doctor Who spin off series, Torchwood.
Founded 15 Years ago
Oct 13, 2006


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Fan Club

1,276 Members
1,267 Watchers
52,754 Pageviews
Due to my lack of time, I have set submissions to automatic. You may submit one deviation per day as long as it is Torchwood related. Please do not submit anything that is purely Doctor Who related. That is what doctorwhoclub is for.

I will check every so often to make sure this is working and delete any deviations that are against the rules. If it isn't working I will have to change it back and look for help.


Results of previous contest - Take a look at the entries of previous contests and the winners.

Spoilers - Spoilers about upcoming episodes.

Torchwood Infomation - Information on characters and episodes.

Torchwood Characters -  Become a character in Torchwood!

Affiliates - Other groups that you should check out.


- You can either watch the group or you can join it.
- Watching means you will just be seeing the posts, you can't contribute yourself.  For this, please click the Watch button.
- Joining means you can contribute your own art and you will become a member of the club.  We have no rules for this, anyone can join as a member.  For this, please click the Join button!

~-Submitting a deviation-~
- Click Submit a deviation at the top of the page.
- Submit as normal and click the button saying you want to submit to the torchwoodclub
- Wait for a few days for the devition to be accepted into the groups gallery!
- Please try not to submit more than 2 a day so that the gallery has more variety.
- If you want your deviation deleted from the gallery, please send a note with the title of the deviation and your username and I will remove it for you.

~-Submitting a Journal-~
- Only the best will be accepted.
- The grammer, punctuation and use of capital letters should be good and the journals should have meaning to them!
- Click on the top of the journal or at the top of the page to submit an entry.

~-Suggesting a favourite-~
- These should be other peoples work, not yours.
- Click at the top on the suggest a fave button to suggest!

Thanks to Cyantre for the icon
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Myvanway Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Can contribute a fanfiction which isn't in English?
FirenzeSun Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2012
Hi, I wanted to ask a favour I'm making transcriptions of the radio dramas (so then I can make translated subtiles so a friend can hear them, as I converted/forced her into Torchwood it's my obligation to provided them). But as English is not my native language I have some problems. Things I don't get, etc. So I need someone to help me, to correct the things I missed or misinterpreted.
Would you mind posting a journal with my ask for help. I would be transcribing every single one save for Lost Souls and House of the Dead as there are already online transcriptions of them. I'd be posting the finished transcriptions at LiveJournal, and crediting who ever corrects them.
If someone is interested, they can send me a note.
Thanks you in advance :)
FirenzeSun Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012
Wow! I'm the 1000th member!! :)
Does that get any special... anything??
I've started watching Torchwood a week ago, feel in love with the show and watched the first three seasons and all the radio dramas in this time. It would have taken less if it wasn't that I needed to get the courage to watch Chidlren of Earth... You know, bloody day 4. And well, I just needed a place to continue talking. And this group seems perfect to it! :)
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