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It's an interesting group you have here, from the view of one whom has seen the program from a long time back and even then it was a re run {i speak of the originals}and now the current. Although Dr. Who fans are few and far between or rare in the extreme it's nice to stumble upon the many that exist. good job to you all
Thanks for letting me join your group and accepting my work! =D
Hello there and thank you for allowing me to join and share my ceramics pieces with the group. :)  I put my TARDIS in the Featured folder as per the rules and will put other pieces in the other folders through the coming weeks.

I have some more pieces here at Etsy and I also make clayworking tutorials over on Youtube, if you were so inclined. Have a nice day.
=) Thanks for joining and letting us showcase your work! It's a brilliant addition to the group!
Thank you for requesting to add my art! :)