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Warning! This is the beginning of the end of The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Do not read if you do not want to be spoiled! Also you need to have a basic understanding of the world of Zelda to understand all of the references! I'll try to make it clear for everyone but sometimes it might get confusing for some. Warning!

The tower is rumbling. In front of Link and Zelda lies Ganondorf on the ground. A large part of the ceiling falls down behind the two.
"Link. listen to me! This tower will collapse soon!" Zelda grabs Link’s hand and the two of them run towards the pathway leading to the exit. “With his last breath, Ganondorf is trying to crush us in the ruins of the tower! We need to hurry and escape!”
Down the stairs through room after room of Ganondorf's minions trying to end their lives. As they enter the last room a single redead is blocking the door. Link must act fast before it can let out a paralyzing scream. Link's Master sword meet the redead’s neck and separates its head from its shoulders.
Right before the tower collapses Link and Zelda escapes their certain death. They watch as the castle of evil collapses to mere rubble. Zelda lets out a soft sigh “It’s over… it’s finally over…”
Navi, the fairy, join in the happy duo but with a sad voice she apologizes “Link… I’m sorry I couldn’t help you in the battle before!” Link gently shrugs and hugs his fairy friend. A big thud is heard from the remains of the castle.
“What is that sound?” Says Zelda with great fear in her voice. Cautiously Link walks toward the source of the sound. Zelda’s heart is beating fast as she is preparing her magic to fight. Just as she is about to join Link, a wall of flames burst from the ground separating the two from each other. From the rubble rises a black shadow with glowing eyes. It’s Ganondorf. Panting heavily he lifts his right hand showing the triforce of power glowing on the back of it. With his last powers he channels the power of the triforce. The sheer amount of power is too much for him, he falls down to the ground. He screams in agony as his body transforms. From the ground rises a foul beast with a pig like appearance. The gerudo born thief have taken the form of the demon king Ganon. Wielding two giant swords Ganon swings furiously at the young Hylian in front of him. Link parries the blow but the power is too much, even for the power he possesses with the golden gauntlets. He loses his grip on the Master sword which flies through the air and land behind Zelda.
With great determination Navi looks fiercely at Ganon “There’s no way he’s going to hold me back again! This time, we fight together!”
The pair lunges at their foe. Ganon swings his sword at Link’s head. He uses his shield to deflect it giving him an opening to grab his hookshot and fire it at Ganon’s head. It confuses the beast long enough for Link to grab his bow and arrows. He nocks one of his light arrows and takes aim. He let loose and the arrow flies with great precision. It strikes the beast in the temple of his head. Ganon shrieks in pain and falls to the ground paralyzed. The wall of fire that separated Zelda from the fight is diminishing. She grabs the master sword. “Link! The Master sword is here!”
Link turn around and is just about to run to Zelda when he feels a sharp pain in his back. The world goes silent. He can hear the muffled sound of Zelda screaming far away. He looks down and sees that his tunic is red with blood. Link touches his stomach, he can feel something sharp just above his bellybutton. Ganon’s blade has pierced right through his abdomen. Forcefully Ganon pulls out his blade.
Links time slows down as he falls to the ground. “I’m sorry Saria, I guess I won’t be able to play with you anymore.” he thinks to himself. He is about to hit the ground when Navi flies in under his head. She stops him from hitting the ground. “Link!” There comes no answer. Blood is seeping out from Link’s mouth and his eyes are empty. “Link, get up! Hey, c'mon!” Tears start flowing down her cheeks. “Can Hyrule's destiny really depend on such a lazy boy?!”
Ganon laughs loudly and turns to Zelda. Her face is drenched with tears but she is determined to fight. She wields the Master sword. Slowly Ganon walk towards the princess intimidating her to attack. She raise the sword above her head and yells out a warcry. Ganon throws away his left sword. Zelda attacks but before her swings even has begun Ganon holds Zelda by the throat. “Too slow.” Ganon grins. “It is over, princess! You and your little hero will find each other in the afterlife.” He puts his sword against her throat. Zelda doesn’t even flinch, she stares into his eyes with fury in hers.
Ganon starts moving his sword when a loud voice is heard “Hey! Listen!”. He turns to the sound and Navi flies in front of Ganon’s eyes, obscuring his vision. He removes the sword from Zelda but doesn’t drop her. The blade made a small cut from where blood is slowly seeping out unto Zeldas dress. Ganon swats at Navi trying to hit her but her movements are too fast.
From the dust behind him the silhouette of a fallen hero emerges holding his trusted fairy bow. “I’m not dead just yet!” He nocks another light arrow and pulls it back. The force of the motion makes the blood from his wounds gush out. His vision is fading but Link is determined to make his last action count. He aims and fires. The arrow lights up the area as it flies towards Ganon’s hand. Link places his fingers to his lips and whistles a loud tone. The arrow hit its target and Ganon is forced to drop Zelda.
Link falls to the ground “Live to fight another day… my princess... Flee...” He whispers as he takes his last breath and goes to the eternal sleep.
Zelda lands on the ground with her magic she quickly stops her bleeding and gets ready to fight. Even though she is fast Navi is drained of her energy from fighting all day and seeing her companion fall. Ganon’s big hand finally hits its target. She falls towards the ground. Zelda is fast enough to catch Navi before she hits the ground. Zelda holds her in her arms. “Navi! Wake up!”
Slowly she open her eyes “I… I just wish I could’ve saved him.” Navi passes out.
Zelda turns to Ganon with fire in her eyes. “I will not back down! I will end you!” She puts Navi inside a hidden pocket inside her dress. Through her rage she channels her inner magic. Ganon sees this and does not hesitate. The demon king swings his mighty sword with great force. Zelda raise her sword. “Nayru, protect me!” Ganon’s sword hits its target but no blood is spilled. A blue shield has formed stopping Ganon’s sword, but it is not strong enough. Drawing power from his triforce he penetrates the shield, hitting the Master sword, flinging Zelda through the air. She falls down towards the lava below the castle. “All is lost!” She thinks to herself. “The world will fall into darkness with no chance of a future!”
From the sky a cry is heard and down swoops, the owl, Kaepora Gaebora. He catches Zelda just as she is about to plummet to a certain death.
Ganon screams in rage and throws his sword after the owl as he flies away. The demon king retracts into the thief he once was. “Zelda… I will get you!”
Warning spoilers to The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time and the story above. Do not read unless you have read the whole thing!

I might change the name if I can come up with something better :)

Based on the events that lead up to the fight with Ganondorf and what could've happened if Link were to fall at the end of Ocarina of time. The story will follow Zelda as fight in the world that is ruled by Ganondorf and is looking for a way to end him once and for all!

Zelda © Nintendo
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August 21, 2015