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I'm not looking forward to the new year.

But, at least I've already accomplished a few firsts.
  • I've already made my first drawing for this year.
  • I've drawn my first colored sketch.
  • I've made my first original character
  • I've drawn my first character that I'm satisfied with (at least for now).

Oh yeah, I also completed my year-long self portrait. That thing was a bastard. Here's its description.

I started this exactly one year ago. It's a different person in the portrait.
*fails at trying to hide obvious attempt at being dramatic/poetic*

But seriously, though. I changed a bit since then. I started out excited, spirited, and quick. Over time, I began to obsess over the little details. Nothing I seemed to do looked right. It was getting in the way of other things I tried to do. My mood dropped and never recovered.

It didn't seem too bad in the beginning, but in the latter half, I was constantly comparing to what I had pictured. But it was pointless. All I practically did was manually copy (albeit imperfectly) an ugly image file.

Tablet: iPad Air
Stylus: Adonit Jot Touch 4
App: Procreate
Time: estimated 200+ hours; Procreate recorded 1:29:12 hours

It's hard to approximate the duration of time since I drew in four or five bursts rather than regularly throughout the year. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could make something like this. But, yeah. I guess I can't really call myself good if you consider the methods I used and the amount of time I took.

Holy crap, the difference in quality between this and everything else I've uploaded is drastic.

I started it because I didn't have a single self portrait I was satisfied with. Despite the 200+ hours and partial loss of sanity, I'm not satisfied with this one either, which only seven of you saw before I threw it into storage. I was okay with it for maybe two days before it started looking ugly and had to disappear. It didn't even make my usual three-day mark for most drawings.

"Happy New Year!"


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Submitted on
January 2, 2016