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I did the first two some time ago and finished the third one yesterday. Yo can see a slight change of style if you look closely.
The idea is simple, paint some anthropomorphic animals dressed in judo clothes (judogui) in a style that children might like. I'm not used to this kind of style, but it was faster than my usual stuff.
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Excellent pic. I myself am into a different martial art. Kenpo karate. But I like any martial art. In fact I wrote several stories involving martial arts. Be sure to check them out.
would you sell any of your artwork I love your design an would like ti add it to my new upcoming brand
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It would depend wether or not the art you may be interested was done for a client or is personal work. I can't re-sell art that was done for clients.
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look awsome i think only the croc should have 4 toes on the feet (and 5 on the hand) or 5 on feet too and the bear should have 5 toes :D

look so awsome *-* 
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Thank you.

I didn't think about being accurate with those details while doing this one LOL :)
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The bear is Oso Togari
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Esa es la idea, jajaja
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Ah coño! Hablas español? El Osito Togari es la mascota de la federacion Asturiana de Judo. xDD
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Vaya, eso no lo sabía. La persona que me encargó estos dibujos es profesor de judo y me dijo que hiciera un oso porque él también utiliza el que suene igual O Soto Gari que Oso Togari con los niños pequeños. No tenía ni idea de que lo de Oso Togari se estuviera usando como mascota por ahí, jajaja.
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Amazing art, great characters in here :D Thanks for sharing :)
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bear +100
alligator -81
monkey -55
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divisions in judo :)
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LOL I didn't think about that.
I'm a judo teacher and I think the kids of the 1st group (4-6 years old) would love them. I like this style, but also the other style/paintings. Waiting to see more of your work.
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Thanks for your comment.
I did these ones for a judo teacher too, with the kids that age in mind.
There is also a little joke with the bear and O-SOTO-GARI for the kids. "bear" is "oso" in Spanish and that teacher uses this to explain this TACHI WAZA: he uses a story of a bear called Togari (oso Togari in spanish). It's a little silly, but it works with the kids and thanks to this, this is the name they learn faster, LOL
It’s not silly at all, I think. I know exactly what you mean,...
I teach the children with stories about pirates, giants, gnomes etc. Too bad we don’t have animal names here in the Netherlands that come close to Japanese words like you do in Spain.
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lol I'm a judoka and I've been called a bear, but I'm only a blue belt. :P
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Then you have to get the black belt, LOL
I used to be a judoka too as a kid, but left just before getting the blue belt. Working on these made me want to practice judo again u.uU
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Well, I quit practicing 9 years ago, so kinda unlikely I'll get back to it. lol Half a year of mandatory military training kinda broke the rhythm and when I tried getting back into it like a year later, it just wasn't happening. -_- I probably SHOULD give it another try, just need to accept I'm not a teen any more.
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Had, stoopid mis-click putting a sad-face on my post...
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