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Betrayal of a Giant
The birth of a God,
Drawing a path of saffron jewels and nymphs,
covering the bloody land unfolding under his feet,
The static pulse of cheering in his ears,
Those who feared and hid for so long,
Pounding in his chest as he celebrates,
As he rejoices for his well deserved faith
Let if evolve, let it pray
Then let it burn, let it drag
The birth of a tyrant,
The one who carried their world on his shoulders,
Adored for a day, massacred the next,
Sincerely believing in the flames of their eyes,
The praises they sang for his simple breaths
Crushed under their unworthy, viscous words,
Stabbed by the arrogance of their thirst.
The death of a story,
And another will sit on his golden throne,
Drowning in the love of those he once fed,
He will stand, and build and share,
Until another giant enters the arena.
This is how Gods live and die,
This is the circle that will forever remain.
And they will live through the pages,
Teaching us their sordid lessons of humility.
But history is eagerly forgott
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Before I say anything; holy crap, that looks nuts o.o Now that that's outta the way; I initially thought it was just your Tron Legacy T...

God knows why you're asking for a critique on your Kingdom Keys >_> I think they're just getting more and more sharp, in terms of detai...

I do like your interpretation of this creature. However, I personally would've liked to see a bit more green, as in the original interp...


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Sorry for the lack of activity. I've been super busy since my last entry. Sure I'm on DA like...all the time, but I've had little..."mood" to organize my thoughts onto a journal entry


Back in...February or so, I was going through some stuff, and it was affecting me mentally, and after coming home from a friends' birthday party, I came home, and had fallen on my front foyer stairs, and hit my head. I woke up  the next day in the hospital, (thinking it was the day of FrostCon) with no recollection of, well, many events from FrostCon to mid-February. Doc said I had retrograde amnesia, which is when you lose certain parts of your memories, and for me, I had forgotten all of my mental negativity. So that mental negativity I was dealing with had removed itself from my world. And I was a pretty upbeat, happy, all-around positive guy. But, as you wold expect, things still kinda suffered, such as; school, I had to scramble to get shit done. Lucky for me, I work ahead of the class and had stuff to submit (I'll post those soon). Friends, almost anyone I met in that time, I had not remembered meeting, and had to RE-meet them. Hell, I even made a KEYBLADE that I didn't remember making (I'll post it soon, I swear). That all to deal with, I was still happy; I felt like I could take on the WORLD! TWICE! And have enough energy to DO IT AGAIN. The doctor advised seeing a therapist for a few sessions, which I did. And I discovered some stuff that only I would've known, FROM this therapist. Most of which, I did not believe. So I went about my merry way, and after about a month or so, suddenly, ALL of my memories came crashing back. And for a good TWO hours, I was freaking the fuck out. But after I calmed down, I decided that I'd create my own resolve and BE that positivity that I was during my "amnesiac" era. Which I'm still holding true to. Well, at least in MY eyes, haha.


Anime North 2013! What whaaaat! Quite possibly MY best AN experience EVER. I got to see pretty much all my convention friends, and made some really awesome new ones. The Friday, I reused my Izanagi-no-Narukami (Yu/Seta dressed as Izanagi) and received a fair amount of attention (I'll put up pics soon, I swear). And the rest of the weekend I debuted a rather rare, if not, never done, cosplay (At least I've never seen). I was Final Form Xion from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The final result looked pretty sick, especially my keys. My only "iffy" thing about it was that I'm TOO built to emulate the body shape of Final Form Xion. Definitely got a good haul of rare-ass merch, and my clubbing group, the "Go Go Power Ravers" rocked all the raves/dance parties ;D



I've gotten back into (rather heavily) Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. The new 20th Anniversary Legacy Power Morpher was announced a few months ago, along the 20th Anniversary Legacy Megazord. Both are die-cast metal, and worth every penny. It has renewed my inspiration to BE a Power Ranger, and since I cosplay, after like....TWENTY YEARS, I can BE A POWER RANGER :D So that'll be a cosplay in the near future (stay tuned ;D). As well as, I found out Jason David Frank (AKA Tommy the MMPRGreen/MMPRWhite/ZeoRed/DinoThunderBlack ranger) is doing convention appearances, BUT ONLY IN THE U.S ;_; The closest he was to Toronto was at Niagara Comicon back in...early June, I believe? BUT I WAS DIRECTING MY MUSICAL

Which now segways into...


I guess since I didn't make a journal about it at the start of the journey, I'LL TELL YOU NOW. I'm part of a musical theatre group called Fandom Musicals, and for our first production, I am the director, and I star in, a musical staged parody of... *drumroll*


We're calling it,

FANDOM HEARTS: A Kingdom Hearts Parody Musical.

We've received a fair amount of attention, and we will be performing this musical AT ConBravo this July in Hamilton. We've got a fair fanbase, and the friends and family of ALL of our cast are really excited and can't wait to see us execute this show. Initially, we wanted to perform this at a theatre, on stage, but that required a lot more money that we could've collectively...collected.

HOWEVER, after we perform this at ConBravo, we will be releasing 2 versions of this show to the general public; a slightly moddified version of the show AT ConBravo, AND a "movie" version, with backgrounds, proper camera shots and cool save point sound effects.

We also have plans and ideas for future productions, but let me tell you; it's hard fucking work. Don't do something like this unless you know you can tackle adding/subtracting cast members, dealing with people suddenly not showing up, people not getting along, unclear ideas, and a whole slew of other things

That aside, we're also performing a sneak preview of Fandom Hearts in Toronto at SenecaYork for those who unfortunately can't come out to see us in Hamilton


Check out our facebook;


That's that!



I cried for 2 hours when they showed that teaser ;_; It was that beautiful

That said, I can finally cosplay Noctis Lucis Caelum from FFXV, seeing as his design is mostly likely final now. So I'll be harnessing his crazy-ass engine sword and making my debut as Noctis at this year's Atomic Lollipop in Toronto. I'm trying to gather 4 other guys, and form a "boy-band" (LOOK AT THIS IMAGE, I SWEAR, JUST GIVE THEM MUSIC, AND THEY'RE THE BACKSTREET BOYS…)
I know for sure I'm gonna have my buddy cosplay Prompto (the blonde one) and he'll be kicking ass with that weird shotgun pistil thing Prompto uses




Artist | Student | Varied
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Favourite genre of music: Trance, Darkwave, J-Pop/Rock, Psy-Trance, Industrial, Hardstyle
Favourite style of art: Anime, manga, fantasy/dark fantasy
Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano 5th Generation
Favourite cartoon character: Sora, Terra, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Vanitas, 25 Year-Old Lambo, Terra-Xehanort
Personal Quote: "Embrace your Darkness...And hold onto your Light..." "The abuse of greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power"


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