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Most of my deviations are Kyuubi Naruto, but I've drawn from a number of other Animes. I enjoy drawing Anime, usually Manga style.


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I have had a lot happen to me and I'm swamped with college and school. However, I got rid of college XD

So, I sent everything. I'm waiting for a reply. I'm accepted into Colby-Sawyer College, which is my 3rd choice college. I'm waiting for University of New Haven and Unity College (my 1st choice).

School is being a bitch. My GPA is 3.7 which is great since I'm in AP classes. Its just tiring.

The Marching Band is done and over. We got a tie for 5th place in Nationals. Not as good as we usually do :( Winter Guard is starting now, so we are no longer outside. Its going to be hell... but I need to workout and the exercise.

I spent the day with my girlfriend on her birthday. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Uncle Kevin and Koneko up at Blackstone. Then the massive shopping trip the next weekend was fun. My girl got a lot of neat stuff. Needless to say, we watched the lavalamp for about three hours straight :D

:star: Now... the bad stuff

I'm tired of some people... I'm working things out to just get over stupid things. Sorry for people I seem to be ignoring in school, people stress me out!

My uncle died... on my girlfriend's birthday. Wasn't too fun and going to the funeral the day before Thanksgiving didn't help. Last time I cry...

I'm fighting with my family. I know I put my girlfriend before them, but its hard not to when they say things that are really hurtful and never take them back. I don't like being nice to people who tell me to kill myself and never take it back.

I need foot surgery. The nail is deeply embedded in my foot and is literally growing out the sides. The infection is gone from the antibiotics I took, but it hurts like hell and I can't get it out myself without cutting my entire toe open. So I wait for my mom to call...

:star: Wondering...

I'm really starting to get into things that people consider "taboo". For the rest of my life, I know I'm going to be emotionally abused for being gay... so I don't think adding another thing will hurt...

I guess this questioned is aimed at all of you, How do you feel about Taxidermy?? I've been looking at soft Taxidermy, which is when you stuff it soft so you can "pose them". It looks really incredible, almost like bringing the animal back to life, and for those, like me, can use them for art designs. I need a posable animal to draw the anatomy is amazing ways. You can't always get that with a photo of the pose. I guess I can see why people flame taxidermists. Yeah, they are using the pelt for their own use. However, true REAL taxidermists only use the pelt of already dead animals and respect the pelt as though the animal was alive. If some person used a real pelt to make a stuffed animal and kicked and tossed it like a little kid, that's more understandable to flame. However, people who use the pelts to make the animal come alive again and make them immortal to forever live a respected life, why flame them??

Me, personally, may get one when I have my own permanent house. However, at this moment in time, part of me would love to have a pelt, full body. I would love to do my own ritual wearing the scalp over my face so I can better be in tune with the wild, knowing that the pelt of a murdered animal isn't hanging on the wall of some hunter's room used as a trophy. Or use the pelt as a base of magick.... Call me weird and flame me for what I want to do, but I really would love to have that. Animals are so pure and I know its weird to own dead animal pelts. But I would love to use them for magick to get the energy....

Plus, I love wearing tails. All four of my tails are real. Two are dyed, the other two are natural. I wear them ALL THE TIME! And not because I just want to for the hell of it, it's more than that. I love animals, and wear the tails in respect of the innocent animals that are often killed for sport. I like using the tails like I do. I wear them because I use it for my magick, storing energy and making me feel more like myself.

I can't explain it, but wearing tails makes me feel like myself. Hence why I wear ears, and plan on making arm warmers and leg warmers from fake fur, why I love wearing leather corset to contort my body to shape the way I want it to.... Forever, I will hate myself for liking things that are so taboo. But is it really that wrong to own the fur and wear body parts of animals out of respect for them and donating to Animal Conservation Groups??

One day, I will own a lot of pelts, bones, and claws of animals I love, ones that passed away and were found, stealing the prize of a hunter that wasn't going to use the body, capturing the body of animals that died in conservations. One day, I will be able to find what will help me make me feel like myself completely...

Sorry for being so taboo. You don't like it, get out!


Kage Kaminari
United States
Current Residence: my mind which is the most dangerous place to be
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Alternative
Favourite photographer: All my friends who can take pictures ^^
Favourite style of art: Traditional
Wallpaper of choice: Anything Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Rei (Ray) and Driger (Beyblade)
Personal Quote: "Love- giving someone a chance to break your heart but trusting them enough not to."-Seth


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