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It's... terrifying. Very terrifying. Reminds me a lot of Silent Hill to be honest, of these kinds of creatures that resemble a certain ...

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9.5 In Private Yeong-soo by Torag1000 9.5 In Private Yeong-soo :icontorag1000:Torag1000 8 8 9.4 UR-3200's Wish by Torag1000 9.4 UR-3200's Wish :icontorag1000:Torag1000 4 15 Yeong-soo 9.3 Wardrobe by Torag1000 Yeong-soo 9.3 Wardrobe :icontorag1000:Torag1000 8 18 Yeong-soo the Kuman - 9.2 Profile by Torag1000 Yeong-soo the Kuman - 9.2 Profile :icontorag1000:Torag1000 11 33 9.1 Yeong-soo Guess Who by Torag1000 9.1 Yeong-soo Guess Who :icontorag1000:Torag1000 15 57 Yeong-soo by Torag1000 Yeong-soo :icontorag1000:Torag1000 14 26 Stained Glass Art (Guess Who theme) by Torag1000 Stained Glass Art (Guess Who theme) :icontorag1000:Torag1000 5 16 The Wrath of Hadrian (Anger Task) by Torag1000 The Wrath of Hadrian (Anger Task) :icontorag1000:Torag1000 7 25 Hadrian Photoshoot (lying down) by Torag1000 Hadrian Photoshoot (lying down) :icontorag1000:Torag1000 1 16 Prom Round 7, 2017. by Torag1000 Prom Round 7, 2017. :icontorag1000:Torag1000 8 29 The Fight (Hadrian Enjoyment Task) by Torag1000 The Fight (Hadrian Enjoyment Task) :icontorag1000:Torag1000 3 19 Aria by Torag1000 Aria :icontorag1000:Torag1000 3 8 The Dark (OC Training Task 8 Fear) by Torag1000 The Dark (OC Training Task 8 Fear) :icontorag1000:Torag1000 4 32 House Walker Coat of Arms by Torag1000 House Walker Coat of Arms :icontorag1000:Torag1000 3 0 Exquisite Self Portrait by Torag1000 Exquisite Self Portrait :icontorag1000:Torag1000 2 0 An Unlucky Encounter (OC Training and Request) by Torag1000 An Unlucky Encounter (OC Training and Request) :icontorag1000:Torag1000 20 43


Spirit of a Blacksmith [AT : Torag1000] by Tris-Ghost Spirit of a Blacksmith [AT : Torag1000] :icontris-ghost:Tris-Ghost 5 6
Setting guide - Holori
I decided to make a short settings guide, which may function as a short introduction to Caleb's world and adventures. Down below you can read up on a few elements that are important to the overall story itself: geography, political structure, the military, mages, religion, and one key event.
Welcome to the Holorian Republic! I hope you'll enjoy your stay! ;)
My story is set in the lands of Holori (also known as the “Former-Kingdom of Holori”, or the “Holorian Republic”). Holori lies between the Open Sea and the Blackoak Forest. Officially it is divided in twelve provinces, thought it can be divided into roughly five geographical areas: the south, the east, central Holori, the north, and borders of the Blackoak Forest.

The South
‘Southern Holori’ is an umbrella term for both the provinces in the south as well as the west, situated along the coastline of the Open Sea. Fer
:iconmegamaeve:MegaMaeve 9 3
Captain Jace Pyrs - Profile by dragondoodle Captain Jace Pyrs - Profile :icondragondoodle:dragondoodle 18 67 - O l d   C t h u l h u   C o p y - by Disiorsedausc - O l d C t h u l h u C o p y - :icondisiorsedausc:Disiorsedausc 27 6 For Rome! by jemenik For Rome! :iconjemenik:jemenik 19 2
2nd task: September 10 - 16
Congratulations on meeting the first task deadline with awesome art-works! Now is the time to put a solid foundation for future consistent depictions. Below are the precise instructions for 2nd task: "Profile". You will also find in this entry the commenting teams allotment.
Task two “Profile"
Sketch OC full body and four basic emotional expressions: 1. Happiness, 2. Sadness, 3. Anger or disgust, 4. Surprise or fear.
Describe the personality in three adjectives only.
Specify height of your character.
Give a short sum-up, who your character is.

Objective: A base for consistent, graphical depictions of the OC (sketches are accepted this task, rule "no WIPs" not apply), a foundation for a vivid personality, a sum-up to trainees’ list and possibly “Hall of Fame” (please make the sum-up a common adjective and common verb, no your setting specific names)
Operating time: 10 - 16 Sep 2018, 6 days, delays are possible because folder
:iconoc-training:OC-training 5 33
Forest Guardian (final) by kikoeart Forest Guardian (final) :iconkikoeart:kikoeart 53 28 Girl by lite33
Mature content
Girl :iconlite33:lite33 19 4
Enrollments are on
I ask you for patience. I got ill and up-coming days will occopy myself lying in bed and taking medicaments. Let's start the round on 30th and give ourselves ten days for guessing till 9th Sep.
Meantime: how about this one round, once in our group lifetime, completly exeptional, never ever again, for people who are interested make commenting teams draw by OCs' settings features? So in a commenting team would be OCs from alike settings, so perhaps they may easier be featured into someones else's story. (I would made a survey to help interested authors find approperiate team fellows.)
Below is a short explanation what OC-Training is for new-comers. Then a note for regular participants and tips how to enhance your story within the program. You will also find admin team introduction and an explanation about its records.
I’m new here…
Let me briefly explain OC-Training's idea. You pick one of your OCs. It could be one from a world created of your own, a charac
:iconoc-training:OC-training 10 58
OC Training 9th round agenda by Akaszik OC Training 9th round agenda :iconakaszik:Akaszik 16 0 the City-kingdoms of the Hareshk by vorropohaiah the City-kingdoms of the Hareshk :iconvorropohaiah:vorropohaiah 190 15 | Male TDA Base| by Kurusou | Male TDA Base| :iconkurusou:Kurusou 944 334 [MMD DL] Masks by Nuigurumi666 [MMD DL] Masks :iconnuigurumi666:Nuigurumi666 1,152 68 [MMD] SNOWJOGGERS [+DL] by Sims3Ripper [MMD] SNOWJOGGERS [+DL] :iconsims3ripper:Sims3Ripper 638 20 TDA China Kaito, Gakupo and Len DL by Skary66 TDA China Kaito, Gakupo and Len DL :iconskary66:Skary66 553 46 TDA Stern Male Base [DL] by Nintendraw TDA Stern Male Base [DL] :iconnintendraw:Nintendraw 1,004 176


9.5 In Private Yeong-soo
Blargh! I should have done this a long time ago. But the problem was that ever since I started working again and drawing too much, I've been having art blocks. Bad art blocks. Wished I didn't have them but it's a common occurrence amongst artists I guess. Anyways, it's already done and nothing much I can do about that. Here is the result. I've put more shadows into it than my previous ones. I wonder if I should stop putting in shadings and highlights in these colors because Mike Mignola doesn't do them in his style. Well sometimes he does.


Yeong-soo and his mare are sitting down, resting amongst the barren steppes beyond his mountainous village. His favorite drink, as depicted here, is fermented mare's milk along with his mare's blood mixed into the milk. The blood is good when the mare has been running along the steppe for a while and get her blood pumping for a while. The hot blood adds some taste of lovely iron and protein into the alcoholic mare's milk, and adds an energy boost for Yeong-soo.

Fermented mare's milk, or kumis as it is called universally in the steppe languages, or airag in the other different language family of another steppe people, is made by fermenting mare's milk inside a container (normally a horse-hide container or a wooden container) and is stirred or churned within the container, similar to how butter is made. Another way to do this is to strap the container on a horse, and let it ride off into the distance, it being on the move constantly which causes the milk inside the container to churn. Steppe horses are preferred for this method as they are better suited for the barren steppes, unlike the Samgan horses employed by the Samgan. The Baekjegan-in, being close to the nomads of the steppes, often try to steal some from the nomads, as the King prefers his auxiliary steppe horse archers to have authentic steppe horses. 

Once the milk ferments and is done, the drink becomes alcoholic, mildly alcoholic like small beer, and it becomes drinkable. Mare's milk, when not fermented, stimulates bowel movement and the person ends up in a rather stinky mess from their rear, if drinking raw mare's milk.

Horse's blood, when on the forced march, makes a good energy boosting drink for horsemen like Yeong-soo. Plus, it keeps them warm in the cold steppes.

Yeong-soo, and other assimilated steppe peoples like him, prefer kumis over the Soju that the Samgan peoples drink. Adding horse's blood to the fermented milk makes it even better for them.

Alongside that, Yeong-soo and his ilk prefer steppe foods too, which are often mostly meat like horse meat, sheep meat, lamb meat, cow meat, etc. They also eat the edible organs of said animals too, and all of them are meaty, greasy, and full of proteins and nutrients. Said foods are vital in surviving the cold steppes.


Time to make: A week

Device used: Wacom Tablet Intuos

Program: Paint Tool SAI

Finished at 3PM at the date of October 15, 2018

Yeong-soo belongs to me. No one can use him.


For: :iconoc-training:


9.4 UR-3200's Wish
Sorry for the delay in submitting artworks. I've gotten some lazy days where I didn't really want to draw. Also, I've started to work again, so I have another obligation to fulfill alongside this. But don't worry, I think I have another artwork coming up soon for the next task.

Anyways, this drawing is for Round 9 of :iconoc-training:. This is the fourth task. The fourth task was supposed to depict the person we are paired up with, in this case I was paired with :icontris-ghost:. I am depicting what her character, UR-3200, or Ches, Chestnut, and Chester as he is called by others, what he wishes for.

My partner told me that Ches wishes to understand the feelings he has and is feeling towards his savior and repairwoman, Iris, whom you can find here:…

How I depicted Ches, is that he has some redness around his cheeks, indicating his emotion towards her, as he is thinking of her (depicted by the chibi faces within the darkness of the room). While experiencing such things, he writes them down, writing down the so called 'symptoms' and 'malfunctions' he was experiencing when he is around her.

The reason why he is not understanding these feelings is because in the past, he was a battle cyborg, cyberized into one by the tyrannical regime of his world in order to fight off the threat of their enemies, and with the outer invaders removed, they became dictators in the process. In the process of cyberizing Ches, he lost his emotions, his capacity to understand human emotion and feeling. It was so that he would become an emotionless super soldier for the regime and their now dictatorial ways. He rebelled eventually when a spark of his former human life awoke in his mind when he was ordered to kill a rebel, who was a child. He ended up in the junkyard, near death, and was saved by Iris. Since then, the cyborg has been a helpful assistant to the woman called Iris.

Because of the time he spent with Iris, and (I imagine) being very grateful in his own way towards her for saving him, he grew to eventually see her something... more. More than just a friend, I assume. So, he writes down what he is feeling whenever he is around and is thinking of Iris, labeling them as 'symptoms' of an illness and 'malfunctions'. I imagine Iris probably knows what he is feeling towards her, but is probably withholding the information until Ches figures it out by himself. And if he doesn't, well she can just tell him directly. I don't speak for her and for her creator directly, but I think also that she probably is too busy already with her workshop and other duties for that sort of thing called love.

I would have written a story to this, but I feel like I might not do the characters, justice. So instead I decided to just explain the meaning behind this drawing.

You may be wondering as to why there isn't anything written in the book of his. Well, I don't know exactly what language Ches and Iris speaks in that world, and neither do I know the writing script that they use. I'll leave it up to :icontris-ghost: and :iconpkmtrainerbenny: to figure that out.

PS: I know there's some things wrong with this picture. I wish I could go back to fix it, but it's already kind of there :/ I'll do a better one next time if I get around to it. 


Time to make: I lost track but it was around a week (most of them were lazy days and me not getting into the mood of drawing.

Program: Paint Tool Sai

Device: Wacom Tablet Intuos

Finished on the date of October 9, 2018, at 4:53PM


UR-3200 is owned by :icontris-ghost:

Iris is owned by :iconpkmtrainerbenny:

Loading... come watch if you want Come watch if you want. come watch if you want

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