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The site is still in beta, so you can’t get in without a beta key, BUT you can get one if you donate to them. Or you can just wait until the beta phase runs out.

The site is still a bit buggy due to being in beta phase, but I’m confident that it won’t last forever.

It is easy to use and I can dumb art on it. There is a community where people post photos of their cats, and at least two big ones for artists (and self-promotion of said artists). Random people leave nice comments on your art 3 minutes after posting them.

My only complaint is that there are no communities for a) Metal and b) Tales of Zestiria in general, and I don’t want to be the idiot who has to mod those, but I need them. Shit.

ANYWAY I’ve already stuffed my blog with LOTS of art for you to like, comment, and reblog, and joined a whole bunch of communities, so I’ll never be lonely again. Or something.

MY USERNAME IS TORADH AGAIN because I wanted to be found (still musing whether I should change it to Owlily though…)


Warning: Pillowfort doesn’t allow more than one blog per account, means I’ll have it all in one place: reblogs from other people, my own “art” (don’t come here for the traditional art only, I only do it for gifts and commissions these days, and especially not for the Tolkien fanart or general fantasy stuff), Metal, animal posts, excessive Tales of Zestiria fangirling, who knows whatever. You have been warned.
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Hello dear friends, I know have a new, fancier website (powered by Adobe, goodbye my soul, it was nice knowing you!). It’s in the same place the old one was:! I’d love to hear what you think about Adobe’s layout, and hope you’ll have fun browsing the old and new pictures
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Convention time is drawing near! Doesn’t feel like it with all the cold around here, but still!

For those roughly in the area:
I’ll be at the Comiciade Aachen for the first time this year! Doing what I’m usually doing, that means drawing and chatting and selling you stickers.

And a new one! On saturday, I’ll be offering a one-hour workshop about *drumroll* cartoon-ifying animals! Here’s the info:…

Save the date: April 14 (and 15)!

(remind me to bleed myself dry buying tickets to get there and get back again on two days and probably spend more money on those train tickets than I actually earn during the convention *sobs*)
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Just a brief short-notice announcement for my German watchers in the area:
like last year, I’ll attend the Morpheus Con in Herne!
It's a super small roleplay convention. Free entry, lots of pen&paper games for you to test and participate in. Even if you don’t want to join any new roleplay groups right now, me and a few fellow artists will be there to draw your old roleplay characters! …or your new roleplay characters. Or your pets. Or whatever you want us to draw. You get the idea.

All info here:…

…Even though it doesn’t say yet that I’ll be there, I’m confirmed for Saturday and Sunday.

On that note: Happy New Year!
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I’ve finally opened a Redbubble shop! I basically uploaded all paintings that are A) not fanart of any sorts and thus I have full copyright to throw it at you; I may be desperate, but I still don’t like living on the edge of legality. B) which I can still look at, and C) which were neither gifts nor commissions.

You’ll find prints and various items that I thought the pictures would look good on! Here’s the link!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the merch! Any paintings you’re missing? Any items you’re missing? Anything that I should correct? (like, “Hey, the cut out of painting x for the iPhone cases is unfortunate, would you care to fix that?”) I spent hours on this yesterday, but chances are I’ve missed stupid mistakes. Thank you all!
I’m a little disappointed that Redbubble doesn’t seem to offer keychains, though. I would have loved to offer keychains.

Second thing!
The Redbubble shop is nice and saves ME a lot of trouble with production, invoicing and shipping, BUT. Of course it doesn’t offer everything I’d love to offer. For example, I can only offer single stickers via Redbubble, not my entire sticker sets… which I’ll therefore continue to produce entirely by myself at home. They’re handmade *coughs*.
I made a little page on my website for this. I might add more stickers or even different items to that little “handmade“ shop in the future, we’ll see! Link for that is here!
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It was high time, and I finally did it! I’ve given my Patreon account the Once More With Feeling treatment, and it is now a “pay what you want“ Patreon! That means, you support me by pledging money to me every month, and get rewards. You can now choose freely how much money you want to pledge, the rewards are the same for everyone.
That makes things less complicated for me than if I had to think of different rewards for different tiers, and fairer for you!

Please read the description on my Patreon page to find out how it works in case you’re not familiar with it. There’s also a list of rewards. And please spread the word! I’m a freelancer and my income relies heavily on support from people who enjoy my art.

Thank you, everyone!
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Some of you may have noticed that I have a youtube channel, and I’d love to use it more frequently!  You can find it here:…
To make things more exciting for you and easier for me, I’ll take requests for that, too! Like, you tell me on whatever social media channel you want what you’d like me to draw, and if I feel like it, I’ll sketch the character and record myself!
Fanart is totally okay because then I don’t have to design anything.
Feel free to drop me a message if you’d want anything sketched and recorded! (probably in the style of this little Moana here:
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Just a brief, short notice announcement for my tiny squad of followers in the area: I’ll be part of the artists’ alley on the Comic and Manga Convention in Düsseldorf!
Date and (German) info here:…

It’s a tiny, laid-back convention mostly consisting of comic book sellers of all kind and lots of lots of artists, so if you wanna watch us draw and chat with us, we’ll be there!

(Unhelpful brain: you should finally start producing and selling merchandise for these occasions, you know

Me: …maybe next year. Or the year after. Or)
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I did it! I finally opened up a Ko-Fi page (Crow-Fi?)! If you can’t or don’t want to support me via Patreon because that’s a long-term commitment, or don’t want or need commissions BUT still want to help me out with a few bucks, you can tip me now!

Furthermore, I’m gonna open commissions again because I might have a far too long to-do-list, but I’ll never say no to actual cash.

You can find my Ko-Fi page here!

And new commission info for private clients is here!
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Hi friends, if you were to choose motifs for a sci-fi colouring book, what would you choose? Asking for a friend.
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For my followers in the area:
friendly reminder that I’ll attend the Role Play Convention in Cologne again this year!
Click this!

I’ll be with my dear friend Taritoons, so come visit us!

All info here, it’s gonna be on May 27th and 28th. We’ll be there both days.

Come and say hi and watch us scribble!
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There’s a damn lot of tropes and literary motifs which I love, but my favourite “one or two word-story ingredients” are probably, in no particular order: critters, music (and musical instruments used out of context), elemental powers, mythological references, and pirates. I have more favs, and most of them need more words, but anyway, I think these are on the top. (I might seriously want to think about making a list of very personal favourite TV tropes!)
For whatever reason I’ve never managed to insert them ALL in any of my original stories, it’s usually a “pick 1-3”…

…Anyway, I’m kinda curious, my dear followers, what are yours?
Honestly, tell me please

P l e a s e
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Hi folks,

I’ve got big news! I’ve finally sold my soul to Google! That is to say, I’ve created a Youtube account. I intend to use it for recordings of my digital drawings. Hi-res files and behind-the-scenes material is and will forever be for patrons over at Patreon ( only, but I hope that I can offer something new and halfway interesting/fun for everyone that way!

Please feel free to follow me there and watch me doodling!

Not much there YET, but I hope that will change with time!

Does anybody know how Youtube works? Can I change the channel name?
Does anybody know anything about video editing? It took me the entire evening just to find out how to speed up the speed and make the videos smaller, help
Don’t even try to get me adding music, preview pictures, subtitles, or whatever shenigans

Will I ever get to bed before 2 am these days, I wonder

Anyway, please pass on the news! Tell everyone and their dogs about my channel x3.
Thankies, love you all!
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…I officially suck at these social media thingies.

I worked on a handygame named Ectonaut in autumn/winter, and just realised I never told you about this! It’s basically Ghostbusters with a bit of Pokémon Go Gameplay, and it’s currently in an Open Beta phase, so if you feel like it, why not try and play it?
All info here:…

Unfortunately, only German and Dutch so far, but I’ve heard they’re planning to translate it into English as well.

Have fun!
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Again, I’ll have a small booth at RPC (Role Play Convention) in Cologne, Germany! Date is May 27th and 28th. This time, I’ll be sharing my booth with my lovely friend, so if you’re in the area, come and say hi!
(her journal is here)

Infos on the convention:

Also lookie here:…
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Another German journal! This time about a little interview because it’s, well, in German. I can translate it if anyone wants me to, though!

Heute ist der zweite Band von Lara Kalenborns Amazonen-Trilogie erschienen, zu der ich die Cover beigesteuert habe!
Alliance Of Amazons by Toradh
Anlässlich dessen hat die liebe Lara ein kleines Interview mit mir geführt. Wer mich noch nicht ganz so lange kennt und neugierig ist, was für eine Person hinter meinen Bildern steckt, der sei herzlich eingeladen, es hier zu lesen:…

In Zukunft werde ich bestimmt noch häufiger mit Lara zusammenarbeiten. Bis dahin verweise ich auf ihren Blog und ihre Bücher!
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Remember this painting? Emilia's poison
Well, the novel is finally available now, so let me tell you about it! I’m gonna do it in German, too, because, well, the novel is written in German.

Emilias Gift, der erste Band der Amazonen-Reihe meiner Freundin Lara Kalenborn ist erschienen! Mehr über ihre Arbeiten kann man hier erfahren:

Und das Buch kann man über folgenden Amazon-Link erwerben (als E-Book oder "echtes" Buch):…
Das E-Boom ist sogar kostenlos (!), also wer über einen E-Book-Reader verfügt, der hat keine Ausrede, das Buch nicht zu lesen.

Band 2 wird am 17.2. erscheinen, Band 3 am 17.3.!
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  • Listening to: various anime songs
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Let’s do this in German because it’s only relevant if you’re living in Germany, anyway:

Wer hätte Lust, mich auf die Frankfurter Buchmesse zu begleiten? Gemeinsam ist man bekanntlich stark! Im Moment ist noch unklar ob ich einen oder zwei Tage hinfahre und ich habe auch noch keine Bahntickets gebucht. Wird auch davon abhängen, ob jemand mitkommt und man dann evtl. ein günstiges Hotelzimmer bekommt.
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We’re aaalmost there, so:

Happy new year! 2016 sucked. I could go into detail with this, but I won’t. Instead, I’ve collected reasons why 2017 can only be better than 2016 (in no particular order):
-DuckTales remake
-Kingdom Hearts 3 (more like 2019 or 20, but hey)
-Tales of Zestiria X season 2
-Tales of Berseria
-new Ayreon album

So, what are you excited for in 2017?

On a different note for all my German watchers:
I forgot to tell you that I’ll be at Morpheus Con in Herne (January 6-8), a very small roleplay convention. It’s for free and you can play all different pen&papers and sorts the whole weekend! I’ll be there, too (at least on friday and saturday), and draw and chat with you! So will my friend, by the way.
See you there!
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