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Freyja and her Cats



This started off with the plan to do a Freyja portrait and turned into a portarit of my cats pretty soon. Which I don’t mind. It was high time. They’re attention whores and once gnarled my head phones, but heck, as much as I like to complain about them, I wouldn’t want to live without these little jerks anymore. Yep. Her cats look like mine. At least as far as I bothered to try and copy their fur stripes.
Apart from my cats, I also needed some references for Freyja’s face (angle!) and her hands. And the Brisingamen here is based on some pretty impressive jewellry I found in a book on Norse mythology (how convenient!).

Watercolour and instant capucchino. I felt like it. And it turned out to be a pain to apply watercolour on the coffee, but it produced such a nice golden colour. Cat hair obviously also sticks to instant capucchino even more than to watercolour but in this case, I think it's fine.
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