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Mr. Klan, Get Outta Our Dixie :icontora777:tora777 3 1
The Truth of War
Rows upon rows and columns upon columns,
Men and women, all young, all of different creeds,
Sometimes volunteering, sometimes taken from home,
All broken down and rebuilt to fight for those in power,
All forced to look and act alike, all forced to carry the tools of war,
Men and women all lined up to fight and die;
For the lies of freedom, liberty, and righteousness;
For the falsehoods of honor and glory;
For the virtues of greed and pride,
And for the lust of land and power.
These lost souls are separated from their friend and families;
Sometimes for months, sometimes forever;
Going where they told to go,
Killing who they're told to kill;
All of this, in the name of all that is holy;
Fighting for peace,
Sinning for Salvation.
The men and women, all were once unique,
Now, they are faceless soldier, known not for who they are,
But by name, rank, serial number, and the number of notches in their weapons.
In training, they look forward to fighting for their nation, for they know not the t
:icontora777:tora777 2 0
Mya: First Prototype by tora777 Mya: First Prototype :icontora777:tora777 4 3 Cannon Bot Transformation by tora777 Cannon Bot Transformation :icontora777:tora777 7 0 Improvised Flamethrower by tora777 Improvised Flamethrower :icontora777:tora777 4 0
Here lies Eddy Hardhead,
His head wasn't hard 'nuff to stop the train.
That's why he's dead,
And buried without a brain.
Here lies Tom Met.
You've probably never met.
Here lies Ed Met.
For six bucks a word,
That's all you get.
This is the grave of Mike Dagoo,
Who will be forever remembered for his last words,
"What does the big, red button do?"
:icontora777:tora777 2 2
Haiku Session
Mighty waves
Crashing upon the cliff's face
Shaping it.
The wind blows
Bringing tales from foreign lands
Far and wide.
As elegant as the wind
Flying free.
The blue sky
Wide and endless as the sea
Close to Heaven.
:icontora777:tora777 0 1
Butterfly Flutterby
Butterfly, Flutterby,
Free as the breeze.
Skipping from flower to flower,
Free as can be.
Oh, what a joy it must be,
To be a butterfly.
Butterfly, Flutterby,
Queen of the breeze.
Once an ugly duckling,
Now a beauty queen.
Oh, how elegant it must feel,
To be a butterfly.
Butterfly, Flutterby,
Empress of Spring.
Colors of the flowers,
Grace of the wind.
Oh, what it must be like,
To flutterby with a butterfly.
:icontora777:tora777 1 1
Life, why do you hate us?
What have we done to displease you?
Whenever we need a certain thing,
You leave it right there where we can find it.
However, when there is an emergency
In which we need said item,
You place it some place
Where we can't find it.
Why, oh why,
Why do you do this to us life?
Why do you hide
The most important objects
When we need them the most?
Do you care whether we live or die?
Do you care whether or not we suffer?
Have we done you wrong?
Can we repent for our misdeeds?
Or is this how you've always worked?
:icontora777:tora777 0 0
Sonic in Canterbury
The first was young and fast,
And he was built to last;
When he runs, he looks like a blue streak,
His life's goal is to protect the weak.
A lad as small as a child,
With hair tamed, yet wild.
He is as blue as the sky,
And if he could run faster, he could fly.
Like the wind, he rarely stays still,
He lives his life by his heart's own will.
A man of honor, he never says die,
Of course, he was sometimes guilty of a little lie;
In the end, he always says he's sorry,
And if that doesn't work, he can find a new way in a hurry.
He wears shoes of red and gloves of white,
Which suits him well, to his delight;
But, aside from this, he was bare,
But I never said anything, just to be fair.
As I said, the youth was fast,
He races the wind, and is never last;
When he speaks, his voice is unlike a harp,
But, toward his friends, his tongue is never sharp.
Towards his friends, he's a good fellow,
But he always makes his foes bellow.
He travels with us to lands so far,
In order to learn the origin of h
:icontora777:tora777 0 0
Tails' Lament
This one name conjures up images of…
And happiness.
That very same name conjures up feelings of…
And heart-break.
She is no longer amongst the living,
And I'm to blame.
Her blood,
The blood of the girl I loved,
It forever stains these hands,
The hands of a child,
My hands.
One would think that my days would forever be dark,
Forever filled with guilt,
Forever filled with regret,
Forever filled with hate and self-destruction,
This was not the case.
Her spirit came to me soon after her demise,
Bringing words of reassurance.
Ever since that day, my days have been filled with hope.
Everyday, I've watched and waited.
I've watched the seed,
Her seed,
Cosmo's last gift,
Grow into a beautiful flower.
I've waited for the day of days,
The day my waiting ends,
The day my beloved returns.
Until that day, I will continue my life,
My life as a Freedom Fighter,
My life as Miles Prower,
My life, I
:icontora777:tora777 2 0
Your mother was science,
Your father was a mad man.
You are soulless,
You are heartless.
You were born to destroy,
You were born to kill.
Many came before you,
Many more will come.
Your life is dedicated to the death of your father's enemy,
Yet, in a cruel twist of fate,
Your design was based upon the foe's very form.
You need not food,
You need not drink,
You need not sleep,
You only need to succeed;
Yet, there is this feeling,
It's like something is missing.
This thing is love,
It's what all living beings need;
Yet, you aren't alive,
You're a machine.
Why do you have this feeling?
How can you,
A heartless,
Killing machine,
Even have such a feeling,
Or any feeling, for that matter?
You are like a butterfly;
Today, you are a hideous beast;
Tomorrow, your true beauty will be seen by all.
One day, the metal shell that is your body
Will fall from you,
Like a caterpillar's cocoon,
Exposing not wire and circuitry,
But flesh, blood, and bone.
One day,
You will fe
:icontora777:tora777 2 6
Shadow of Earth
I do not own S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, or any of it's characters or objects; they are the property of THQ.  This is simply a fan fiction made in appreciation of the game and is unofficial and non-canon to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. universe.
Shadow of Earth
In the Beginning
April 26th, 1986: A scheduled test of VI. Lenin Memorial Nuclear Power Station's Reactor 4's emergency cooling system in Chernobyl, Ukraine, is conducted.  At 1:23 A.M., a simple operating mistake collided with the experiment, resulting in the worst nuclear accident in history.  The entire city of Chernobyl, as well as everyone within 30 km of the accident, was evacuated; a total of over 160,000 people were forced to leave their homes and livelihoods, many of who would never be able to return.  The many theories as to how the explosion happened would mutate beyond reason and reality; however, for weeks afterwards, there was one word on the lips of the
:icontora777:tora777 1 0
When Worlds Collide
When Worlds Collide
Sonic and Garu, who are they, and what do these two have in common.
Sonic the Hedgehog: hero of Mobius; leader of the Knothole Village Freedom Fighters; and the fastest thing alive.
Garu: hero of Sooga Village; Fire Wasp Ninja; and an expert of the art of ninjitsu.
Two heroes from two different dimensions, yet they 're both plagued by the same problem…obsessed fan-girls; namely Amy and Pucca.
Amy Rose: heroine of Mobius; Freedom Fighter; and wielder of the Piko Piko Hammer.
Pucca: heroine of Sooga Village; niece of Goh-Rong chefs Dumpling, Ho, and Linguine; and super-powered girl wonder.
No matter where their men go, now matter what happens, Pucca and Amy will always get their men, and woe befall any who get in their way.
These four are so similar to each other, yet they couldn't further apart; two reside in one universe, and two reside in another, separated by the boundaries of time and space.  One would think that it would be impossible for
:icontora777:tora777 3 0
Attack Droid by tora777 Attack Droid :icontora777:tora777 0 0


Noctyrna commission by ElGota Noctyrna commission :iconelgota:ElGota 105 3 Korgara commission by ElGota
Mature content
Korgara commission :iconelgota:ElGota 88 12
Cozy Glow: F@%# you! by mauroz Cozy Glow: F@%# you! :iconmauroz:mauroz 275 40 Cozy Glow: love you by mauroz Cozy Glow: love you :iconmauroz:mauroz 307 25 Volfest 2018 - #3 by DrZlo666 Volfest 2018 - #3 :icondrzlo666:DrZlo666 12 0 Dweller in the deep by Seraphi91 Dweller in the deep :iconseraphi91:Seraphi91 642 50 Commission: Dragon Cadance by QueenCold Commission: Dragon Cadance :iconqueencold:QueenCold 80 10 A little busy by travisJhanson A little busy :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 282 31 Free swag  by travisJhanson Free swag :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 246 35 Drinks with vampires  by travisJhanson Drinks with vampires :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 210 30 Spell enhancements  by travisJhanson Spell enhancements :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 207 33 True story  by travisJhanson True story :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 231 61 Armor modification  by travisJhanson Armor modification :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 203 33 Questing  by travisJhanson Questing :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 243 23 The meat shield  by travisJhanson The meat shield :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 330 21 The paladins quest... by travisJhanson The paladins quest... :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 359 35


I've been planning to write a MLP fanfic, being a big fan of the show myself, and I've decided to post what background I have for the story so far.  Right now it's just a few terms to know as well as a bit of head-canon.  Will update you when I've worked on it a bit more; until then, I'm open to opinions and comments.

Faust is the patron deity and creator of Ponykind, mother of the Divine Princesses, and creator of the world; also known as The Divine Mother, The First Mare, and The Bringer of Light.

Divine Princesses
The daughters of Faust and the sovereign rulers of the Pony Kingdoms.

Chosen Noble/Blessed Noble
A mortal blessed by Faust and given the powers of a Divine Princess; considered the adopted children of the Divine Mother Herself.

The darkness that existed before Earth, before space, before time, and even before Faust Herself; considered to be evil in its purest form.

Remnant/Remnant Vesper
The last remnants of what was once the all-encompassing Nether; historically known as the Remnant Vespers, or simply Remnant, but one particular Remnant has gained a form of sentience and has called itself Nightmare; possible connections to Nightmare Moon currently being investigated.

Timber Wolf
Not to be confused with Canis lupus (Grey wolf) or any subspecies.  A malevolent forest spirit that takes the shape of a large wolf using natural materials, usually wood, but older specimens have been known to include rocks into their form, and Remnant infused Timber Wolves often include the flesh and bones of their kills into their form.
In desperate times multiple Timber Wolves can combine in order to form a Dire Timber Wolf.

Noble Dragon Code
A sacred code that is instinctively known by all Dragons, and is one of their most sacred ideals; a Dragon that fails to live up to The Code is considered to be nothing more than a mere beast by other Dragons.  Little is known of Dragons, let alone the Noble Dragon Code, but Pre-Tribal texts have revealed the following tenets:
Never steal a fellow Dragon's horde; if you wish to take it, then you must challenge the horde's current owner for it and defeat him or her in a duel of honor.
Never take the Heart-Sworn of a fellow Dragon for yourself; the price is death by Windigo's breath.
The greatest treasure to any Dragon isn't the largest horde of the most valuable treasures and tastiest gems, it is your Heart-Sworn and your offspring.  Let who so ever places more value on wealth than family be forever cursed by Father Bahamut, and forced to never know the peace of the Eternal Dream.
If someone, be they fellow Dragon, Pony, or otherwise, does you a service then you must repay this service in kind, either by offering part of your horde or providing a service.
If someone, be they fellow Dragon, Pony, or otherwise, saves your life, then you are bound to serve them until the day you save their life.
If someone, be they fellow Dragon, Pony, or otherwise, saves the life of your Heart-Sworn or your offspring, then you, your family, and your descendants, will be forever bound to protect the savior and his or her family and descendants for as long as each other's bloodline continues to breed true.

A spherical shaped creature approximately one hoof in diameter, and infamous for its ravenous appetite and its high rate of asexual reproduction.
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I will not tell
United States
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Personal Quote: Those who have an imagination, have humanity's greatest gift!



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