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The Oracle of Technology and Magic by Topsyturvy10 The Oracle of Technology and Magic :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 1 12 Birbday thing by Topsyturvy10 Birbday thing :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 0 0 Another Humanized Ludwig by Topsyturvy10 Another Humanized Ludwig :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 2 0 Queen Meresa (Mario OC) by Topsyturvy10 Queen Meresa (Mario OC) :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 1 2 Humanized Kooky von Koopa by Topsyturvy10 Humanized Kooky von Koopa :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 1 0 Capewig by Topsyturvy10 Capewig :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 0 0
FreddyXBonnie- A taste of heaven REWRITTEN (Ch 2)
Freddy and Chica were in “Freddy’s” office. It wasn’t actually his office, it belonged to the manager... but he wasn’t using it.
Chica huffed and crossed her arms. “Freddy, why’re you so harsh on Bonnie? He’s new here, you can’t be so mean to him!!”
Freddy raised an eyebrow, and then turned his attention to his paperwork, signing some kind of form. “Is this really necessary, Chica?”
“YES!” Chica snatched Freddy’s pen from him, causing the bear to growl in protest. “Bonnie needs to feel welcome! If he doesn’t feel like he fits in, he’ll never feel comfortable. If he feels like you’re breathing down his neck all the time, he’s always going to be nervous, and he won’t get any better!! And if Bonnie doesn’t get any better, how are we gonna entertain the kids properly?! Isn’t that the whole point of this place? Freddy Fazbear’s, where Fantasy and Fu
:icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 1 0
Happer birth to the l o v e  of my life by Topsyturvy10 Happer birth to the l o v e of my life :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 1 0
FreddyXBonnie- A taste of heaven REWRITTEN (Ch 1)
A taste of heaven
Chapter 1: Welcome to Freddy's
Another day at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. The warm sun was shining in the windows, echoing the smiling faces of the children inside. Foxy was playing pirates in his cove, Chica was making pizzas, and Bonnie was playing music on stage. Freddy Fazbear was nowhere around- or at least, nowhere anyone else was. He was backstage, adjusting his bowtie and going over his lines one final time. He was incredibly nervous, due to the fact that they have a new member- Bonnie the Bunny, who Freddy had yet to meet. Chica and Foxy had, though, and they gave their leader nothing but praise about Bonnie. So yes, Freddy was worried, but he had a damn good reason to be. It wouldn't do to mess up in front of the bunny that he'd heard so many good things about. He heard Chica announce their next song, and he took a deep breath. He could do this. He's Freddy Fazbear, the star of the show. He walked on stage.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw him.
:icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 2 0
It's over, isn't it? by Topsyturvy10 It's over, isn't it? :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 0 0 Funtime Freddy  by Topsyturvy10 Funtime Freddy :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 0 0 Just Gold by Topsyturvy10 Just Gold :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 0 0 Oh, the irony  by Topsyturvy10 Oh, the irony :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 0 2 Chapter 4 preview  by Topsyturvy10 Chapter 4 preview :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 0 452 FNaF2 by Topsyturvy10 FNaF2 :icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 3 0
FNaF FreddyXBonnie
Chapter 1: Family
Another day at Freddy Fazbear’s pizza. The warmth of the sun and the smiling faces of the children was all Freddy and the gang needed to have an amazing day. Well, almost....
??? P.O.V
He’s singing. I love it when he sings. His voice is so perfect for the songs, all of them, I swear they must pick them just for him. It’s not like I’m going to complain though. His voice is different, and not just because he's British. He seems.... confident. Proud of himself. He should be. His voice could soothe a screaming child to sleep. His voice is like a soft lullaby, it’s there, and you are safe. He could enchant someone, make them fall in love simply by talking. And fall in love I did.
I’m so focused on his voice and his singing I mess up a chord on my guitar. It’s more or less okay though. Nobody really notices. At least, nobody but him, who is unfortunately the last person I'd want to criticise me. I can tell because he twitche
:icontopsyturvy10:Topsyturvy10 2 0


It looks nice, and I love the detailed background! However, the addition of the girl looks as though you've slapped the template on top...





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Wow, is it spooktober already? It feels like the last three months flew by!! 
I'm working on some things that you guys might like, including-- of course-- more Ludwig doodles!
currently drawing some stuff for fun
y'all are gonna see my new oc!!!
I'm debating doing comissions.. what do you guys think?
Hey guys.. I'm not dead!! Uhhh.. I've been off because I had depression, and I was focused on other things.. but I'm back now! I'm still doing art requests if anyone's interested, but I do digital art instead of traditional. 
I'm also rewriting A Taste of Heaven (as you can see), but progress is pretty slow.. I'll keep you all updated, don't worry!
Wrote about 100 words of AToH chapter two. Progress is slow.
Me: *takes anxiety quiz*
Quiz: you may have depression

I was ALMOST dead a couple months ago though, but we don't talk about that
I am not dead, and I also have a laptop now!!


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