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United States
I liked expansion art so much that I decided to make my own! However my methods are... unconventional. Everything is rendered using the Skyrim engine.

Like my work? Please consider supporting me on Patreon! You can gain early access to my work plus my monthly exclusive comic:

My commission info can be found here:…


Sorry for not uploading often lately guys. Had some really bad life complications these last couple months. 

I was in a nasty car wreck a few weeks ago and needless to say it's thrown off my productivity. I should be about back on track now so hopefully you'll start seeing more content.

CaptainXero and I are wrapping up Wrath of Winter as we speak so ya'll will have plenty of reading to do very soon.
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a lovely holiday with friends and family alike. :D
Sorry about the lack of content this last couple weeks. It's the end of my school semester and things have gotten especially hectic. I'll be done with finals next week and then I'll be able to get more lewds out to you guys. Appreciate your patience.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It's always nice to have a day that really encourages you to focus on what's going right, rather than what's going wrong.
Thank you to everybody who wished me a happy birthday yesterday! Ya'll are too kind :D
For those of you lookin' for jams tonight, allow me to give you some splendidly spooky recommendations!

I had the pleasure of getting to work with Gaz-KnightofNylrac on a crossover piece for Halloween! His girl, Bloobs, and Alchemia dressed up in some fun Tron costumes for the spookiest holiday of the year. Check them out!
Alchy and Bloobs -Tron Classic- 10.29.18 by Gaz-KnightofNylrac

Mature Content

Alchy and Bloobs -Tron Legacy- 10.29.18 by Gaz-KnightofNylrac

But the hallowed high jinks don't stop there! I've been working with berggie, AnimalAutumn, and CaptainXero on some Halloween fun that'll really knock your socks off! Stay tuned and stay spooky!
Gaz-KnightofNylrac dropping more fantastic Alchy stuff. Ya'll should go tell him how awesome it is.
Alchemia - Because She's Worth It - 10.18.18 by Gaz-KnightofNylrac
Remember when I mentioned that I had AnimalAutumn working on something of a larger scale? Well here it is, everyone's favorite Alchemist on a time traveling adventure =p
Alchy Across Time by AnimalAutumn
AnimalAutumn hit me with a remake of one of my favorite pieces of his! 
Sketches 107 (Thinking) by AnimalAutumn
Discord Emoji - Thinking 
Hey there everybody. Looks like we've got another year in the books. Last year I could barely write a paragraph about 2017. But I've got a lot more that I feel needs to be said about this year. So bear with me while I go on this somewhat emotional diatribe.

2018 certainly tried to put me through the ringer. Saying goodbye to an old friend, permanently damaging my hand, school/work nearly killing me in a myriad of ways, and a few other things just weighed really heavily on me. Still not quite used to using my "bad" hand, but I'll make it work with time. I've lost a few of people this year, both online and offline. But I've also gained a lot of great friends. That seems like the perfect transition to the actual happy part of this journal huh?

I've got a whole slew of people I need to thank (both old and new). Forgive me if it gets cheesy, I'm not the best at being genuine via text.

I don't think berggie would take any surprise in seeing himself as the first person on this list. Long before I started doing this, he was one of the people that made me realize that I had a thing for growing girls. His work was one of the key inspirations that drove me to start making those comics on reddit all those years ago. I look up to the guy and he's worked super hard over the years to get to where he is. Plus he's got more talent in one pinkie than most people have in their whole body. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the beginning of this year, one thing led to the other, and here I am at the end of it humbled to say that not only have I gotten the distinct honor of working with him a few times but also that he's a dear friend of mine. Meeting Berg really did reignite my passion for making art and made me remember what I truly enjoyed about it at the beginning. Berg might not be willing to accept all the praise I give him, but when I say he's a legend to me I mean it. When I built April's Skyrim model early this year it felt unreal making the character that helped me find myself in a way and with the blessing of her creator no less! Thank you for everything Berg. I won't forget all the things you did for me this year, or what the "legendary circle master" taught me, or the first time I saw April and Alchy together in your sketchbook. Oh and you’re a really good shrink, you should start selling therapy sessions =p

Early in this year I ran into AnimalAutumn who's been following my stuff since my reddit days. What started as a little request to sketch up Rae and Niya as valley girls quickly blossomed into a great friendship. While it was deeply flattering to be referred to as “the great TopSecretName” it was even more amazing to see Autumn grow as an artist as time passed. He started off pretty talented but now when we look back it’s like night and day. I’ve been honored to help him wherever I could on his journey and I’m just so proud of how far he’s come since I met him. Just about every day we sit down and discuss ideas and I look forward to those lulls during my work day when we get a chance to chat. It’s been a blast having a real partner in crime again and I couldn’t be more happy with him acting as president of the Alchemia fan club. Thank you for all the good times we’ve had and all the wonderful projects we’ve gotten to work on together Autumn (or should I say NexusPaladin :P)! Here’s to many more next year! And maybe one day before we’re in the grave we’ll even finish our Dead Space 3 playthrough.

If there was a silver lining to me mutilating myself back in August, it was that it led me to meeting Gaz-KnightofNylrac. His style is super duper adorable and it's always fun to see what he pumps out. I've been flattered with all his Alchy drawings and I wanna do my best to return the favor at some point.

MrPhoenyxx has been amazing help for me as an artist since the beginning on DA and I got to be a writer for one of his comics this year! Hopefully I can find the time to write up another goofy script for him next year.

Dinner-Kun has been far too kind to me this year, helping me out with references and considering a few of my incredibly stupid render ideas. I'm incredibly grateful for all the awesome stuff he's featured Alchy in and it always fills me with joy to see all the wonderful crossovers he puts together.

CaptainXero has the big gay.

I met Forsa-kun this year through CaptainXero and he's the nicest dude. While muscles aren't my thing I adore his art style and it always fun to see what he's up to. Only thing I'd say is that he needs to practice his Cards Against Humanity skills =p

It was awesome when mister--rendering made his return this year and shared so many kind words from me when he saw my new stuff. Hopefully when neither of us are too busy we'll get to work on something someday =p

Shoutout to Icymasamune for being a cool dude and being willing to watch all sorts of goofy ass movies :>

I met Obhan a couple months ago and I'm so glad to have another person to joke around about Skyrim mods with. I had a blast doing an art trade with him this month and I'm hoping we'll get a chance to work on another one next year!

A shoutout LysoDesigns for doing a fun little trade with me at the beginning of the year and being a really cool gal. Keep up the great work!

Another shoutout to Oshii-Mikomi for another trade he and I did this year.

Wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention PressurizedPleasure here. I got to work on a short story with him back in February and I'm just so thankful that I had him as a mentor. PP, I know things have been hard on you lately and I wish you the best. I hope that 2019 is a great year for you.

Shoutout to Cymic44 for all the fun little gifts he's done for me. I'm hoping to be able to return the favor next year!

Oh and for the sake of memes you guys should go and yell at lord-macaroni to make more art. He's lazy.

I'm hoping that I didn't forget anybody on this list, if I did it'll be fixed pretty soon.

I started my Patreon this year and I gotta say it's insanely humbling how many of you guys have been so generous to donate to it. I know I've said something like this a lot, but I never thought I'd come this far with my work here. Thank you to everyone who's donated and I hope you guys enjoy the double comic release I'll be doing for January :D

I'm also about to hit 1500 watchers which is more than double what I ended last year with and that's just nuts. Thank you to everyone who's been following my stuff, both new and old. I hope that you'll continue to enjoy what I put out next year.

I hit 6,000 subscribers and nearly 4 million views on my YouTube channel this year, I thought that was pretty cool. I'm so glad that so many people enjoy my mashups and shitpost videos.

And so to end this journal on the happiest possible note, I should be done with college at the end of 2019! I'm super excited to be done with all my studies and getting a fancy new job. Lord knows it'll be a helluva lot easier than holding down both my jobs now.

And so with all that stuff finally written down... Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a new, better year for everyone.


:iconobhan: :icondinner-kun: :icongaz-knightofnylrac: :iconanimalautumn: :iconberggie: :iconmister--rendering: :iconzerohour99: :iconmrphoenyxx: :iconcaptainxero: :iconcosmoseeker: :iconpressurizedpleasure: :iconthatfanson:


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