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Free Alicorn Plush Pattern

A bit back, I had to make a full sized alicorn plush for someone. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a single pattern online to fit my needs. So I ended up making one. I'd rather not see others struggle as much as I did in this, so I'm providing this basic pattern to all of you.

This pattern is free to use. Full sized download is to the side there. I only ask that you give me credit when using it, and pop a link in the comments with anything you made using it.

When I made the plush, it was about 19 inches tall. I've included a PosterRazored version here for your ease in printing a full sized one.


Ok, so first things first. You have a sewing machine? Right? Good, life's going to be easy now.

So basics of this pattern. Where there are similarly named points (A, B, C, etc) those go together. For example, you'd line up the A's on the underbelly and main body part, then sew along the edge. The B's should naturally match up, as should the other letters on it.

Seam allowance is 1/2 inch. That is, how much extra material there is along the edge, and how far in you should sew.


Begin by sewing the individual leg pieces to the underbelly. Connect the bit left over from E-F once they're connected to the underbelly. Next, pin the underbelly and one set of legs to one side of the body. Sew all around, leaving space between the G's and stopping at F. Repeat on the other side. Next, sew the two body pieces together from F to the top unlabeled corner of the neck. For the final step, pin the hoof circles to the bottom of the legs, sewing around them. Trim any corners and the back leg hock (little jutty part), turn it out, and stuff.


The head can seem complicated, but it's not bad once you get into it. Start with the darts. Simply pin those triangles together so the sides match, and sew right down the line. Clip them, and boom, you're done with the darts.

Next, we start on the ears. Begin by sewing two of the pieces together, leaving the inner edge between J and K open. Trim the edges, clip the top tip of the ear, and make several cuts along the J-K edge, then turn it out. Don't stuff it! Align J & K to the head, making sure the ear is on the wrong side (that is to say, on the inside of the head, as opposed to sticking out of it like you'd think it should). This is sort of an example. Do note you will have to clip the bottom edge by K. The cuts you put in earlier along J-K will help to spread it along the head curve. Pin and baste it on, a little short of your actual seam allowance. This will help to hide these ugly stitches later when we sew it all togehter. Repeat with the other ear.

Bring the two head pieces together, and sew them together from L-H, stopping just a bit short of the actual H point. Next, pin the center head piece to one edge of the main head. You may need to clip the center head around where the muzzle bends to get a clean line. Sew along the edge. There should be a bit of the center head hanging past I. This is normal and good. Repeat for the other side. Once that's done, flatten the nose down, and sew on the underside of H. Turn it inside out, stuff it, and you should be done. Now just align and sew onto the neck, making sure to go around at least twice (you don't want your head popping off!)


The wings are probably the trickiest part. Begin by sewing the 4 large wing pieces together, followed by the small wing pieces. Turn them out, and lightly stuff the small pieces. Sew the wing lines into the large pieces, stuffing well as you go. Once that's set, place the small wing on top and sew on, following the small inner line indicated on there. It might be a bit thick, so careful going on that part. Once they're set, hand stitch them onto the body.


Incredibly simple. Sew the two horn pieces together, leaving the small bottom open. Sew the circular bottom on halfway, similar to how you did the hoof bottoms. Turn it out, stuff, and finish the stitch. There are several tutorials online on how to get a horn spiral. This is the one that worked best for me. Unicorn and Narwhal Spiral Horn Tutorial by BeeZee-Art

After it's set, simply hand stitch it on to the head. 
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would it be ok if i were to slightly alter this to create a different species? id give you full credit for the original pattern of course
TopPlush's avatar
Yep! Just be sure to give the credit and share alike as outlined on this page…
R3nigade's avatar
That was fun and tricky, thanks so much for the pattern. I see what you mean by take this and learn from there. It’s perfect for that. This was my first attempt at this kind of sewing. Since I didn’t have a printer available I traced the pattern off my iPad screen, which was a lot of work, but I made this project my B*@#!. 
TopPlush's avatar
Glad you stuck through it! I'd love to see the end result if you want to post it up.
AllysInventions's avatar
When I was learning how to sew This was one of the first patterns that I have ever made a plush from. I should make one again and show you though my skill has improved a bit Babs Seed (blushing) 
TopPlush's avatar
That's awesome! Always glad to hear my pattern's being used and helping folks.

Definitely post it up if you make another one. I'd love to see it!
PlushieHut's avatar
Thank you!! I wish to learn how to make Princesses but first a prototype is in order and this pattern will help! :3 
TopPlush's avatar
Awesome! Best of luck with it all then
PlushieHut's avatar
thank you!!:D!! 
ITSDura's avatar
I know this may sound silly, but how did you print off the pattern?
TopPlush's avatar
There's a link in the description for a Poster Razored version. Basically, it'll print out as multiple letter sized pages, and you just line them up and tape them together. From there, it's very easy to cut the pattern from the large sheet
ITSDura's avatar
Okay ^_^ thank you!

I will, hopefully, be starting a project with this pattern very soon.
TopPlush's avatar
Great! Post a picture when you're done with it
ITSDura's avatar
Rosezuma's avatar
Sweet might try
NightshimmerBirb's avatar
I'm actually currently making this, and I think I made the pattern to big (Had to hand trace it since I had no ink, nor a printer for that matter) and its going to end up be a 40 inch tall derpy!
TopPlush's avatar
Nice! Post a pic when you're done. I'd love to see a giant alicorn Derpy
NightshimmerBirb's avatar
I'm most likely gonna to make a regular Derpy first as a reference if I want to make more for my friends!
angelpichu1's avatar
ooohh, i don't think i have enough fabric to try out a full-size alicorn plush, but i'm still interested, so i'll try it slightly smaller.
one question i do have is, i've read over the instructions a few times. perhaps i skipped over it a lot, but when do you turn the plush inside-out?
TopPlush's avatar
It's in the last bit of each section (body, head, etc.), but when you're done sewing all the pieces for that bit together, just turn it out then. You'll want everything right side out before you start stuffing it.
angelpichu1's avatar
here's how she turned out, by the way:…
ignore the pillow and the blanket. i forgot that was there ^^"
and also, i don't have a sewing machine on hand, so she was completely hand-sewn. i THINK that might've contributed to the problem.
TopPlush's avatar
Yeah, usually you can't get anywhere near as tight of stitching doing it by hand as opposed to a machine. Without that tightness, it'll be difficult to turn out and not have all the seems pop, let alone keeping all the stuffing in. It is possible if you just do a very small straight stitch all along the edge by hand. It'll just be very time consuming. Also has a lot to do with the fabric you use. From the look of it, I think you used felt. That's a fairly difficult fabric to sew together and keep from ripping in places. Fleece would be a better choice next time.

Either way, good effort! If you ever try it again, let me know how that one comes out.
angelpichu1's avatar
i will try it again (i use felt because it's the only fabric we keep around the house, but i'm sure i can get my grandparents to get me fleece more often)
angelpichu1's avatar
ok. i kind of already finished the plush right when you posted this, but i'll keep it in mind next time. (i DID turn the pony inside out, but i think my stitching was just too loose in general and her entire body is all floppy and unstable. BUT, i'd say it wasn't bad for using a new pattern for the first time. i usually use voodoo-tiki's pattern)
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