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Never pic #2. For some reason I decided to do this in triplicate.

This is the character select for a hypothetical Never game, I guess. The order they appear here is the order they appear in Squeaky Bogg's story, such as in Sonic Adventure.

PLOT: Squeaky Bogg (1) meets up with The Ometon (2) and have a Mailbag they need to do. They can't find Daimyo (7), though, so they find Kirazy (3) and see if he knows where Daimyo is. They split up to find him; Squeaky Bogg and the Ometon encounter JamesGhost (4) doing battle against CERTAIN PARTIES. Later on they find Kirazy again along with Veechu (5), and learn they had Duth Olec (6) (hey that's me!) fly to Daimyo's super mountaintop home to find him.
In my story it's found out he's not at his mountaintop thing. On Mt. Daimyo, apparently. I just spent several minutes looking for the Mailbag Manga to find out. Anyway he does show up later on eventually though I guess.

Only the people in this picture are going to understand anything I just said.
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