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Mince Design Sketches

Mince is a combination of Ometon/Mints/Rex Ranarum's Deviant ID, the Ometon, and his answer to "what Kirby enemy would you be?"

Like Sniflebaum, I started with front, side and back. (Unlike the Occasionally picture, here you can see the two eyes reminiscent of The Ometon.) The face tentacle seems like something Omintson would do to most of the internet. The flower one is based on his DeviantID and the coffee one is based on an image of The Ometon from Kirby's rainbow Resort. The bottom middle one is of him using one of his daggerspikes to butter a piece of toast, something that every character with a sword or other sharp weapon must be drawn doing with said weapon at some point. I DEMAND IT. Where was I? Oh yeah. The last one is him hiding behind a wall with a big ol' creep smile, probably stalking some girl or something. Dunno how much he's like Mints. Or how much Mints is like that!
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I carry around a wall to hide behind -- thataways, I cans stalks froms anywheres~!

Huh, this has some of "What Kirby enemy" in it? Where'd that get squeezed in with all the Rex and hair and Ometon (twice, according to the description)?
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Tentacles? Squishy? Of course!