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Written expression in lyrical form. Find your new favorite limerick, sonnet, or haiku.

Number 14 of many by Cherry9amber, literature

cruach by DelightfulDolphin, literature

split second by Luna-Fay, literature

Poetry Words by marciceman, literature

Escapism by THEMYSTERYWRITER, literature

I will love you by seasaltrose, literature

Pulse by blessedout, literature

A New Hope by ariya-sacca, literature

Her Eyes by chasphrey, literature


Library by prettyflour, literature

Timeless by PsychedelicRealms, literature

Now We Know by BlackBowfin, literature

Stranded by FountainsOfMars, literature

Marionette by KimberlyGoth666, literature

. by Vanabhumi, literature

couldn't be atoned by gliitchlord, literature

Mooch by Leehon, literature

space by Lionnfart, literature

Depth Perception by Roesavlon, literature

Word by kucengbengkok, literature

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