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Written expression in lyrical form. Find your new favorite limerick, sonnet, or haiku.

The Meaning of Things Now by Moonbeams, literature

Islands by NihilisticDespair, literature

Spellbound by cinder-the-chandrian, literature

Secrets by ariya-sacca, literature

Undisturbed Solitude by Hemaratt, literature

Age of Elves: Prologue (Giantess/micro) by idunnow, literature

I Saw My Body Dreaming by MartenHoyle, literature

Titus by Poetrymann, literature

Years of Tears by blessedout, literature

Framme's Cheerleader(FE Engage:Cheer TF/MC) by MirageSand, literature

Chavita by EyesBeyondHerYears, literature

put it in the past by MidnightShadow83, literature

Standing in Light by PrRailgun, literature

Painters by Amaryn-Philomena, literature

Every night by faryba, literature

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