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Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy cosplay

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1500x1000px 1.11 MB
Canon EOS 6D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/250 second
Focal Length
35 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 13, 2019, 8:38:19 PM
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Hold up.... that’s not a screenshot?!

This is goddmn good

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Love how much attention to detail is put into her outfit. :D
Wow I did not even realise that was a cosplay I thought it was a screenshot. That's impressive
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Remember when I commented on this past piece of yours?

Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn by TophWei

I had wondered/anticipated whether there would be a full-outfit Cosplay. Time has come and gone but NOTHING COULD PREPARE ME FOR THIS! In Love

I already made my feelings about the wig/hair well known. The details of the armour are exquisite, you even came prepared with a lot of her tools and gear :wow: And the mountain/desert backdrop completes the look. Let me paraphrase what I had said previously, it really feels like the game itself has been given a major realism graphics upgrade when I see you in full Aloy mode. :heart:
I swear, if there are any more photos to come, and one, just one, has all that beautiful red hair blowing in the wind, I am officially dead. Faint [YT Tobuscus]

Also, shame on me that I've only just found out you have an Instagram. I'll be giving you a follow there (if you don't recognise me, I go by thebioticbasilisk on other social media). :)
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I swear, you must be related to the model who did the motion capture for Aloy.  Your facial and body structure when combined with the makeup and costume makes you look so much like Aloy that I had to check the tags and see 'Cosplay' to realize that this is not, in fact, a screenshot taken from the game.  The costume, the makeup, the hair, everything is amazing and beautiful.  Somehow, you as a cosplayer seem destined to be Aloy.  I apologize if these comments are too personal, but I'm just astounded at how much this photograph looks like the character from the game itself.  The wig, the armor, the bow, the quiver...  Everything comes together to create perhaps the most perfect cosplay I have ever seen.

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing work of art with all of us.  When the inevitable sequel arrives, I hope you will grace us with a new rendition of Aloy's next adventure!  ^_^
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For a split second I thought you had taken a screenshot and posted it, this cosplay is amazing
I straight up thought this was out of the game for a moment. 
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You could play the main role in a HZD movie In Love 
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Es genial!!!!
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Very nice Cool WinkApplaud fella (Reactions)  
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I really love this
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This was my favorite outfit for Aloy to wear. 😏
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i saw you post this earlier and i thought it was a screenshot for a moment.
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