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Queen in the North

Bitch plz. Queen of the North coming through, with her badass bodyguards!

Arya Stark, Sansa Stark & Sandor Clegave (with a new coat of arms :trollface:) (c) George R. R. Martin

Plenty of fish, dogs and wolves to try and find ;P
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what happened to Arya?
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I love this!
-Resumes attack-
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Why can't this just happen??? Rage Great work, TopHatTurtle. :happybounce: Hug 
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Forget Rickon and Stannis I want Sansa to rule the North now. She'll be a great manipulator once she's done with Littlefinger teachings.
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I keep hoping that they're bringing her in that direction; kind of an Elizabeth I/virgin queen vibe, and at one point it did seem like they were going for that, but now I'm not so sure anymore :/
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A Sister would bleed and die for another Sister, a Lord layed waste to Knight then to Sellsword, might hear the howl of a wolfess in the dark. And a Maiden risen to heritage of all that is snow, and darkness, might take her Scar bled Sibling, and a Knight of feral blood, close.
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Amen, sister, amen.
Ouch what happened to Arya's face. It's so cool
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Well, she's a warrior. She's bound to have received scars and bruises.
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Brienne should be there too!! ;_; 

It's lovely, by the way! 
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She's busy with Jaime off-screen :trollface:
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*wishes she was busy off-screen with Sansa AND Jaime* :B
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annnnnnnnd she's BACK! 
back with those lovely GoT pieces to welcome the new season! :la: 
This is an insanely awesome piece! I have to admit I'm beginning to like Clegave's character as the story progresses ^u^ and Arya I LAV! the brutal snow makes this piece seem all the more dynamic :la: love it! ( du moaree )
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Clegane is SUCH an interesting character, and the way he's portrayed on the show is just pure perfect! Nothing NOT to aodre about it!
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yes just yes! GoT! am planning to catch up (reading wise) in my spare time ! <3
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THIS. This is the perfect ending for them =D
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Indeed *le sigh*
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I love the color palette you've chosen for this one.
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This is too awesome for words.
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Damn, I can only hope this becomes canon somehow. At the very least Sansa, she looks so intimidating, it's a sight to see. And her holding the sword is a lovely touch. Being her father's daughter, of course she'd do her own beheading...

Cower, Cersei!
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This is eriously my dream-scenario (along with anything positive involving Jaime and Brienne) but I really wish the best for these three! I want Arya to return somehow, because I don't reeeeeeally care that much for anything outside the realm (expect for the Wall of course DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUN), so I want her to return to the reamining Stark... The few that are left :iconfacepalmplz:
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