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Published: August 31, 2013
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ATG3 Day 15 - Draw an excited pony/draw a pony charged up! #233


I was channelling my inner UC77 today, and man oh man, this one felt good. At least at first... I think I may have gone a bit overboard with the effects, though. Maybe I should try making another piece like this, but less cluttered.

Edit: Holy crap I made the Drawfriend! And I didn't even submit it this time! Thank you everybody!
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In hindsight this is hilarious 
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Wolves-are-cooolHobbyist General Artist
I wanted to do a story for this one, kinda like the one I did for, "I miss you, cupcake" but couldn't think of anything. If I do. I'll share.
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IllEatYourselfHobbyist General Artist
Oh dang!  Twilight's MAD!! 8D
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Man don't make Twilight mad just saiyan
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AethersLightStudent Traditional Artist
yeah I know this is so overdone but  ITS OVER 9000!!!

 there i said it u can start beating me up now
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deli73123Student General Artist
You spelled everypony wrong

Lol just kidding
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Electricity is magic.
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I bet Pinkie Pie made her this angry.
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I think it was Celestia

Rarity: C-celestia suvived?!
*Celestia is covered in scars with her horn gone and one eye swollen shut and her armor reduced to its energy form*
Celestia: Incredible. I really thought I was going to die....I was brought to the brink of death. 
*fires off a blast of magic at Rarity, nearly killing her*
RD: Rarity! *flies over to help her up*
Celestia: You'll pay for disgracing me! *grabs Fluttershy telekinetically and lifts her into the air*
Twilight: Please stop Celestia! 
*Celestia smirks and clenches her hoof causing Fluttershy to explode*
Celestia: Hehehe. Now who's next?
Twilight: You...ruthless..heartless BITCH!
*Transforms into Rapidash mode after a huge power up*
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He he...*Backs away slowly* You have fun with that.
lazerbem's avatar
Who? Twilight, Celestia, or me?

Celestia: W-what?!
Twilight: Rainbow Dash, take Rarity, Pinkie, and AJ out of here
RD: But T-
Twilight: Don't question me, now leave!
Celestia: Heh, they won't get far. I do like moving targets
*Twilight flash steps in front of her and starts crushing Celestia's hoof*
Celestia: Aack! What are you doing?! Let me go!
Twilight: Like you let Fluttershy go?!
Celestia: OH SH-
*slammed into the air so Twilight can knee her in the gut. While Celestia reels in pain, she sledgehammers Celestia to the ground*
Celestia: DIE! *throws off blasts which don't even flinch Twilight*
Celestia: Wh-what are you?
Twilight: I am the hope of Equestria. I am the answer to all living things that cry out in pain. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. I am Twilight! A Super pony!
Celestia: You won't beat me *blasts Twilight away with a solar blast*
Celestia: That won't kill her, I need to power up, quickly. 
lazerbem's avatar
Am I really that scary? hehe

Twilight: I'll let you power up, just so your pride will in tatters by the end of this. 
Celestia: We'll see. *Celestia's powered up form turns her skin blue like the hottest stars*
Twilight: That's it? Oof! *punched in the stomach and beaten up for a little. She recovers and the two start exchanging blows, neither able to gain the edge. Celestia starts turning red like a dying star"
Twilight: Stop, your fuel reserves are going out!
Celestia: Never!
lazerbem's avatar
How so?

*Celestia charges but is downed in one punch by Twilight*
Twilight: Enough. I quit. I won't fight you any more. You've pushed your body to the limit, keep fighting and you'll die. 
Celestia: I'll never give up! *tries another lunge before exploding due to her core imploding*
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Loth-EthHobbyist Photographer
I love it. I am glad my favorite pony Twilight Sparkle is now an Alicorn
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PolymoogStudent Digital Artist
Dat power level :icondatplotplz:
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TopGullHobbyist Digital Artist
:icongreatscottplz: Great Scott!
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Thanks a lot!
:icongreatscottplz: 1.2 GIGAWATT!

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thunderbird19Hobbyist General Artist
"What the hell's a gigawatt?!"

Sorry, couldn't find Marty.
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This is seriously impressive. I love the DBZ vibe. When you mix ponies with Dragonball.... man, good stuff! Those are my two favorite shows, right there. I also really like the coloring, shading, and effects. That stuff is difficult for me, so I applaud you.

Also, congratulations on making today's drawfriend!
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TopGullHobbyist Digital Artist
Wait, I made the drawfriend!?  I suppose that would explain the unusually high number of views today... I gotta go check this out!  And thanks, I'm glad you like the coloring!  It's pretty difficult for me, too.  I don't work with color very often, so I'm still trying to figure out what works.  I actually had to scrap my first attempt at coloring this after about 2 hours because it just wasn't going the way I wanted it to.
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