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Gigantoraptor erlianensis

Gigantoraptor, an oversized oviraptosaurid from late Cretaceous. It was discovered in Mongolia. There is a fragmentary skull and few more skeletal remains.

This reconstruction is based on a Cassowary (Casuarius sp.) and represents a male patrolling it's territory. In the background there are two females. The two little pterosaurids are completely invented.

Hope you like it!
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Love this and saw it on youTube.
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It's really realistic <3 I love this work :3
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Thank you very much.
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Am i the only one who saw the bee too?
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Hahaha, there it was...
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Amazing :D (Big Grin) 

Love the little pterosaurs
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Thank you. They are lovely. hahaha
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Looks great! Especially with the cassowary colors!
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Yeah, I didi it to give a more realistic looking. Thank you very much.
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WOW !!! WOW !!!  WOW !!!:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) 

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Amazing! I love it!! :)
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You're welcome!  :) 
They resembles cassowaries, except for the size of their head crests.
Btw, congratulations on creating one of my favorite drawings of this interesting species.
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Thank you very much!
I don't necessarily agree with other reconstructions that show Gigantoraptor with few or no feathers. The recently extinct giant Moa (with no wings at all) and Elephant Bird, although rather smaller, were well supplied with a feathery covering, even in their similarly warm habitats and they were probably more remotely descended from their flying ancestors than Gigantoraptor Erlianensis was.
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I think those large ovirraptosaurs would have had much more feathers than we soppose. Feather structure like cassowary or emu is the most plausible to me and would cover all the body. What I don't see is wing feathers in the arms. To me, such feathering could not have any clear functions in an annimal with claws of that size. A fluffy feathers like ostrich is a better displaying structure.
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They did it, for sure.
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