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Vel'Koz Vs. Katarina Mid

Wowwww  Vel'Koz mid OP lololol .... :D

******Open Commision******

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Hola, i love/like/fascinates/as characters/people of women of white skin/brunette/dark, dark medium (and other types of skin shades) and clear your legs, hip, your physique, your hair, your eyes, your lips, your clothes, your breasts, postures Very sexy/daring and clear to know who it really is, plus I like the characters/people gay/lesbian, bisexual, transgender to know/as and make friends or something else.

Well I like all its content, because you have a good eye/gift/skill in creating/performing in the characters of women, because you give something different/special and therefore is an excellent job.

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i main vel`koz xD he was my first champ i got :3 

Amazing art ^w^ 
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that tentacle mass, nice!
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"Hmm....biomass appears to have accumated around the mammary glands in this life form.....interesting...."
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Well he's going to learn about her, and she is going to learn tentacles.
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id say it but its been said before. nice work
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oh boy ive seen enough hentai to know where this is going
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Ive seen enough bronze games to know where this is going...
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It took me too long to find this
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the tentaicle rape monster! nice!
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Tentacle rape monster! Do her in.
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Awesome!  Great artwork.  However,  for some reason I'm now thinking about Vel'Koz being in hentai tentacle porn.  LOL.  Sorry.  It's just my dirty mind.  Your work really is good.
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tentacles void seeks for new knowledge about female body :iconifyouknowplz:
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looks like someone's about to learn about to learn the real definition of love. *wink wink*
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It is shame there is not more fanart like this. I did my research. :D
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He seeks the knowledge!
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"Subject's upper body section successfully analyzed. Proceed with examination of lower body" (couple seconds pass) "Subject responds with deep moaning when specific parts are stimulated. Also recording a notable decline in resistance."
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[Garen] DEMACIA!!!!!!!! 'ults' and drags kat away while lux stands behind him with a frown and shrugs'
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