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Just a thought about the new Wonderwoman Costume
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DarkCrusader40's avatar
wow... so much better... keeping up with the the ever changing world...
yaoi-fangirl1235's avatar
I will just stick to the old persion, i like it alot better
lilblkboi's avatar
awesome costume revision
i agree the jacket is a step backwards
Twinsnake-Coatl's avatar
Take off the jacket and it might work.
Seriously, the new outfit isn't that bad. The jacket ruins it though: it's much too juvenile.
Hot-Butterfly's avatar
it should read:
When even the pale vampire craze hits comics.

Sorry, love Wonder Woman and even though the art is very good and I do love inspirational posters....I just prefer the Wonder Woman I grew up with. The one who could do everything Superman and Batman could do, but in a corset, girdle and knee high boots.
CourtieKat's avatar
I don't really like the new version- but I like this picture!
fangfire93's avatar
I kindof like the new version. Now she looks like a normal person, and less of a... patriotic stripper? Idk.
KawaiiYuri's avatar
i agree with the patriotic stripper part XD

and if u think about it; what's an amazonian doing wearing an outfit more patriotic to america rather than her own birthplace? ._.
fangfire93's avatar
Inoright? Weird.
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