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First things first. I tried to be adult and tell them to cut it out, but while posting a warning to them I noticed that Im now blocked on their account as some sortof prevention for warning others. Contacted them on skype and was met with some rather childish accusations of namecalling and then was met with namecalling and of course spewing drama / lies all over to smear my name, fairly hypocritical— though expected. Well, here we are. Big ole flashy post, you win, buddy :P

Reblog to help spread awareness, please
Prevention is the best way to help prevent the spread of abuse and manipulation.

More Below Break

Known accounts… (Old account, more than likely abandoned) (Probably abandoned as well)… (Not too hard to find when I still have a mutual friend and hes using an obvious name)

Anyways, theres very little way to stay objective about all this so Id best just jump right in. Though this might as well double as a ‘singles-beware’ too, but I digress.

Their Game :
Part of the reason I cant just list the known usernames of this person is because part of their little avoidance game. Whenever the drama gets too intense for them or they stir up the wrong kind of drama (i.e. the kind that doesnt get them art but instead flak), they immediately delete and abandon all related accounts before reappearing a few days later on a new set of accounts using the same forcefully slutty submissive behaviour hitting on pretty much the same set of artists as before.

From what Ive seen typically, He generates some sortof fictional sob story about his childhood or family or friends to lower the target’s guard, then leeches them for art and ‘feel-better’ gifts for months. After he’s done, he’ll then manufacture some sortof fight or falling out and be done with them (Until he needs them again, in which case lots of self depreciation to gain pity and apologies)

Something Else I recently learned of was his tendancy to get as many people to block me outright before hearing my side of the story as possible, these people all (Funny enough) being artists that are currently drawing him or have drawn him at some point.

The offense(s): 
I knew this person for two years, over the course of which I drew him a number of times. Once the art stopped, the guilt trips and fights began. A tactic I quickly noticed developing (in hindsight of course) was the use of dummy accounts to entrap and spy on his current artist prey. 
That aside, A policy of ‘groom as many others for sex and art’ became common. To each artist he found, he would feign a relationship and quickly begin piling up art from them, as in the kazecream case, over 100 peices in a timespan as short as 4 months. (Just check… , thats a lot of mooching)

Recently, they decided to snipe blog URLs out from under my feet just to 'hold onto them', probably a means to blackmail later on.

If encountered:
Ive tried, Even gave him a second, third, fourth chance. Nothing is going to change. His primary goal with any artist will /always/ be to manipulate and lie until youre feeding him art again.
Do. Not. Cave. 
It reminds me very much of an old childrens tale, “If you give a mouse a cookie” or whatever. He wont stop until youre his puppet if he has his way. 
Block, report, and ignore. ESPECIALLY ignore. He’ll do everything he can to make you pity him and cave to his fucking selfish abusive lifestyle.

Other testimonial (Oldish)…

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