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Starfleet Captain Jack Aubrey

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Reposting to a version I'm actually happy with. Whoo.

Anyway! Obviously based on this ST:TOS photo.

Jack = Kirk
Stephen = McCoy
Killick = Spock
Diana = Uhura
Sophie = Chapel
Mowett = Chekov
Pullings = Sulu
Bonden = Scotty

I agonised over who Stephen would be: Spock or McCoy. In the end I made him McCoy because in the picture McCoy stands closer to Jim. *cough* That and really, I guess he has always been more of a Bones than a Spock anyway.

I have no excuse for Killick!Spock.

You know, the more I think about the similarities between Jack and Kirk, the more I think O'Brian must have been a Trekkie. I've also come to realise that one of the reasons I may be so instantly drawn to Kirk is because he is essentially a frigate captain (*snerk* how appropriate of Tom Wareham to call frigate captains 'Star Captains'.)
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August 19 marked the birthday of Gene Roddenberry, who was one of the greatest fans/admirers of Horatio Hornblower, i.e. the literary predecessor of Jack.

As you might all know, Star Trek also celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Hornblower’s extensive presence in and influence on the world of Star Trek is the subject of a number of forthcoming scholarly publications:

* Rabitsch, Stefan. "‘And yet, everything we do is usually based on the English’: Sailing the mare incognitum of Star Trek’s transatlantic double consciousness with Horatio Hornblower." Science Fiction Film & Television Vol 9.2. (Sept 2016)

* Rabitsch, Stefan. Star Trek’s secret British history: Setting sail in space with Horatio Hornblower, RN (early 2017)…

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I am slightly ashamed I never thought of this concept!
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ROFL! But I've never seen this Star Trek before. I've only seen Star Trek: The next generation

WARP 9..... ENGAGE!!!!

*shoots off in flying pirate ship*
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This. Made. My. Day...

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Haha, my work here is done then.
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I always think that Dr Maturin was an interesting combination of Spock and McCoy ! ^^ And Aubrey and Kirk are so similar... I love both universes ! ^^+

PS : Killick as Spock ?! :D
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XD I shoehorned him in, because I wanted to frame Jack between Stephen and Killick. I think I probably would've made Stephen Spock and Killick McCoy (think of the epic amounts of combined snark), but the poses fit better this way around. ^___^

Aubrey and Kirk are eerily similar. I keep suspecting O'Brian of being a Trekkie.
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Killick is very funny ! Yes, maybe you're right, he could be McCoy ! ^^+

I can't wait for the next Star Trek ! And I hope it will be done a new "Master and Commander" movie too (there was rumours this days).
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Oh God, I'm afraid to even start hoping for another Master and Commander. There've been so many rumours over the past few years, but this one seemed so REAL.

I'm touching wood while typing this.
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Me too ! ^^

And now I must see the "first" movie again (a true masterpiece ! the story, the actors, the light, the action, the music, the contemplation... Beautifully done !).
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*stands by with the smelling salts, ready to revive you*

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Haha, very interesting perspective. ^^ I like~ :thumbsup:
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