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Yes, I know this is really different from any of the other things I've been doing. I really like the way this turned out.

We had to make a poster using only type in my Typography class. Yes, I did add a little darkness to the edges, but otherwise, this is pure Sylfaen. Done in Illustrator CS3.

Wikipedia provided the info for the paragraph.
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Wow, im doing something just like this in my typography hierarchy class. I'm so stuck right now
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Very good! I really like these kind of things using only typography. There's this book, which means "Almost the same thing" the title: [link]

i think it's a pretty good example of these kind of work.
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no prob..was nice!
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This is different, but I like it. You did well on it =)
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You're very welcome :D
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id say to tighten up that tracking a bit on the headline between the S-y and a-e.

Now youre getting more into my territory lol

Oh, it looks great btw!
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Tighten the tracking meaning close the gap?
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yep, thats it :)

Of course, I'm just notpicking. Piece looks awesome as it is
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Criticism is always appreciated. Thanks. =D
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