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I love candy corn, it's so yummy! Heart Love

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what is that is that hard candy or soft candy ?

we dont have that from where i come

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it's in between. it's really sweet, and tastes like vanilla fondant. it's kinda soft

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Mmm...candy corn. I'm not sure how I really feel on it, I like it at first but when I eat to much it's not all taht good...

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I really like them. My in-laws keep giving my epic amounts of them because that's what I tell them to give me for gifts. Got 5 pounds of 'em for my birthday, and 10 pounds for Christmas last year.

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My american friend send me a bag full of these a few years ago, so I could try it (we don't get this here in Germany and I honestly have never seen such a candy before). It's brutally sweet, but I kinda like it^^ But I can't eat much of it; just a few pieces. It kinda reminds me of this fondant stuff we use for our cakes. But we don't eat the fondant, for it's too sweet ^^;

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Ah yes, the curse of American candies; always either disgustingly over-sweet or bland and sad as all hell.

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"America's Most Loved and Hated Candy of All Time"

- Nuff said

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Candy Corn's my FAVORITE Halloween candy sine I was growing up!

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I've never tried this candy in particular- but it looks yum yum ;w;

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I never understood why people thought it was so bad, its just sweet.

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My Favorite Candy

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Worst candy ever. The prune juice equivalent of the candy world. Tootsie rolls are orange juice. They say some people are tone deaf. Well I think some people are tasteless. No pun intended.

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The best kind of corn.

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The most vile candy on the planet.

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Candy Corn! Let me help you to finish it!=P

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I haven't tasted candycorn :( I want to tho

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It mostly taste like sugar, so I'd say you're not really missing out on too much.

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ok, thanks! I'll ask my uncle to buy me some.:)

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I'm from Brazil, never had candy corn. What does it taste like?

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