Weird Superheroes

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Weird superheroes

Anyone can be a super hero today. All you need is a cape, maybe a mask, and a theme.
Here are 10 non-familiar and neglected super heroes that can help you in matters that regular super heroes can never solve:

1. Mosquito Man
The mosquito man should be called for instance if you have an annoying itch on one of your legs, and you like to be symmetric – call the mosquito guy, tell him to byte the other leg, and be saved from that awful non symmetric itch.
Beware...the MOSKITO is coming by scoundreldaze

2. The Chicken man – AKA The hen
Your alarm clock is broken and you have to get up early tomorrow morning?
Plus you have lots of grain spilled all over your carpet?
The hen is the super hero for you!
Da Chicken Man Colors by Hen-Hen

3. Super hoot
Super hoot is one of the best super heroes out there!
He's just there to brighten up your day - any bad luck you had planned for today – he'll take it, step on that poo for you, miss the bus for you, and still stay smiley and happy all together…!
SuperHuit by Varges

4. Phantom Homer Simpson
Your interior designer advised you that saliva, drool, beer spots and cookie crumbs are really hip and top fashion this season being spread all over your couch living room.
Super homer phantom is ready for the job.

5. The Dinghy
You need a super hero that you'll feel good about yourself next to him compare to those other sexy lean muscled usual super heroes?
Call the Dinghy!
It doesn’t get any less sexier them him!
(Plus he can hit annoying neighbors on the head with his paddle...)
THE DINGHY by Sweet-Babboo

6. The Easter Bunny Guy
Your vibrator is jammed and you need it pronto?
Call this guy:
(I think)

7. Triangle Man
Ever find yourself in a math class, you have to draw a triangle but it keeps coming out all crooked? Well, most people would just use a ruler, but not people that want to draw a triangle with style…
The triangle man will be there for you!
Triangle Man  o.0 by K0nArtist

8. Huge superstar?
Too good-looking man/girl?
Paperatsi is all over you?
Call armpit man to run them off with his bad armpit smell.
ARMPIT POWAH by Sweet-Babboo

9. Captain butt chicks
Captain butt chicks is the one you call when you wasted all of your other superhero calls. All you can do with him is moon people, crack nuts, and blow some air.

10.  Captain DA
He's the captain you call when you need some more page views, good comments, and cheerful emoticons in you front page.
Captain DeviantART 3 by larryboos

Know any other weird superheros?
Send me a link, and if I'll have enough weird superheroes for another issue, there will be another issue!

© 2007 - 2021 Tooshtoosh
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Where do you get these stuff? Nice weird list.

We've seen the weird, let's see some of the
Best Superheroes of the 80's
Where do you get these stuff? Nice weird list.

We've seen the weird, let's see some of the
Best Superheroes of the 80's
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LOL... amazing XD
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Super cool :spotlight-left:
A good jurnalist ought to use a photographer, in this case a group photo would have being nice. Maybe for the next serie.

Perhaps recruting someone to do it for you sounds fun anyway to group so many super heros in one shot :)
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love the descriptions. :D
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lol!! wow!! great commentary ;) a very odd collection =P ;)
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tehehehe good article
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hahaha! this is really funny.. :lmao:
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Again thanks.

I did not expect this.
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It is easy to find weird super villains too.
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Thanks for including me in this. It was such a nice surprise. Also like the description. :w00t:
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Hahaha!! :laughing: I liked much the description :giggle: . Many thanks for the feature! :thanks: :hug:

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nice , how do you submit articles? I've been wanting to maek one on the 3d gallery for a while.
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You have a button "submit news" on the top right corner..
so use it! : )
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oooh nice thanks :D I thought it was only for like news news. Ok cool.
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no no : ) you keep us posted then...
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