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Hanging Stockings - Wallpaper

Hey all.
I managed to finish this piece in time for children illustrator monthly December theme - Xmas elves.

anyways, I decided that I'll try to make most of the deviations I make for children illustrator club into a wallpaper for you guys.

So theres 3 resolutions:
Use the download button for the zip file - but it will only work from my original page, so if you're looking at it from :iconchildrensillustrator: - go to the original piece...

It's weird I'm not celebrating Xmas at all and I already made two pieces for Xmas :]
It's seems like a fun holiday though, and it's fun to draw...

What ever religion you're at, hope you guys having fun!

Thanks for all your compliments that I can't seem to reach and answer !!!
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I'm such a fan of your work!
I'm looking for a children's illustrator. Interested?
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Your little guys are so wonderfully done.
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This wallpaper has been featured here [link]

Thanks :dance:
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Thank yo so much! :]
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Featured in my journal and also in a news article: [link]
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Congrats, this piece has been featured here: [link]
Please fave the article by clicking the green heart on the top left. Also, please take a look at the other pieces of art, and give out some faves to support the DA community! Thanks so much for being a wonderful addition to this feature :)
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Your piece was featured here: [link]

Thank you for sharing your art with the world! I wish you many blessings this Christmas. :tighthug:
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btw, how do u color ur work? it looks so lovely!
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omg i love xmas! and this pic gives me such a good feeling... rly nice ^^
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I adore your work!
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Your wonderful artwork is featured here [link] . :dance: :aww: If you don't want us to feature it, please send us a note!! Thank you!!! :D
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Love the colors!
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I just love your artwork. It's so cute. You should design wallpaper for kid's rooms or design a kids book. :D Sorry to fav and run so many, I'm dealing with a wrist injury on my right hand right now. :hug: :+fav:
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Thank you so very much for your compliments!
I hope you got well soon! :hug:
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Thank you very much. You are welcome. I love your art. It lifts me up and gives me a good smile for the day/night. Wish I could draw. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, but have sooooo many ideas floating around my head.
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