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For the dragon

Well, it's not quite finished yet, I have a different background scene in my imagination, but I have so little time these days, and it'll probably take me a whole lot of time to do it..
so meantime i'm giving it to you as it is..

Anyways, people telling me it's very much like Pixar "for the bird" short movie, and after they mentioned it I realized they were right : )
But that wasn't what I thought about when I had that idea..
(or maybe it was in the back of my mind?... I dunno.. : )
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Yeah, this is very similar to Pixar's, but if you want to know the truth, i thing yours is better than them...
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"better than theirs", i meant. Damn, my english sucks sometimes...
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Wow....I like your colorful work and the comical characters are absolutely great.
This Dragon is my makes me grin like a Cheshire cat :love:
dragonish's avatar
I love this pic! <3 draw more dragons :D
Epic-Stick-Comics's avatar
The eyes are fine, and so is the rest of it. I love it, I'd buy a print if I weren't poor, lol
BluebottleFlyer's avatar
This has got me pretty speechless...excellent, fun and adorable work here. Love the whole twist on the "bird on a wire" situation, and your bird designs are very interesting. Goes without saying that the dragon completely steals the show here, his flying helmet's a great touch.

Nicely done! :thumbsup:
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great shot!
realy like it!
ChillyMuffin's avatar
That is the cutest dragon ever!

He looks clueless towards those poor birdies.
Tooshtoosh's avatar
hehehe :] thank you
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I have see a in a similar movie from that!
It is so beautiful!
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This deviation has been featured in my journal here: [link]

thatcraftychick's avatar
Wonderful work! I love your style and charming nature of your images :) This is definitely one of my favorites :hug:
SALioness's avatar
Haha cant stop laughing (Which is good..:)) This is so cute it hurts..xD Im putting you on watch now..:D Keep up the amazing work..:P *huggies*
Tooshtoosh's avatar
SALioness's avatar
My pleasure...:P
harpchick's avatar
I love your art... it makes me smile :) so colourful and happy
:worship: you rock
Tooshtoosh's avatar
:] Happy to make you smile!!!
ladyfata's avatar
so funny this dragon :giggle:
kimberely's avatar
very humorous
I love the color you chose to do his eyes
his tummy is so cute
i really like your work! this is ridiculously awesome, the expressions on the birds' faces are priceless.
Tooshtoosh's avatar
:D Thank you so much
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Terrific! What a whimsical scene. Makes a great statement. Well done!
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absolutely stunning!!
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