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This journal helps me keep track of who/what I've commissioned so I don't forget [because life] 
This also allows artists to keep me updated, if they so wish. I have also added a second section for commissions I owe to others.

Unless otherwise noted, all commissions are paid in full.

To the lovely people listed here:
PLEASE please please do not feel as if i am rushing you! 
This is purely for my own records Heart 

Commisions FOR me
1. Varuren (demon girl oc headshot/bust)

1. Ipun (1 calendar cms)
2.  Diecchii (1 mini adorables)
3.  Yushikuni (1 demon girl icon)
4. skill-lola (1 demon girl headshot)
5. AriaAizen (1 demon girl bust)
6. temporaryWizard (1 retro style & 1 chibi)
7. birb-kiddo (demon girl chibi)
8. Eggy (demon OC bust)
9. ChiridoRika (crayon chibi-demon OC)
10. Zors-ToyChest (headshot-demon girl) + a bonus chibi!
11. IciaChan (1 bust body demon girl)
bakaqeyama (1 chibi & 1 halfbody sketch)
13. ShiningLegacy (chibi couple

Mi'iwi (that's all)
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Feel free to ignore this [I just wanted my badge]
Mi'iwi [that's all]

 C  Wolfia Pixel By Harukitsu-d8o4nq1 by toosexyforcontacts
  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?  Too long.  Way...tooo....long [5 yrs]

  2. What does your username mean? I rock glasses instead of contact lenses Kitty Glasses 

  3. Describe yourself in three words. erudite, flippant, loyal.

  4. Are you left or right handed? Left ~

  5. What was your first deviation? angry ndn grl

    angry ndn grl by toosexyforcontacts

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create? miniature paintings w/mixed media

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?  I REALLY WANT MY SENPAI'S STYLE, obvs!  MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Cry Sad 

  8. What was your first favourite? Stamps by tommyhumps

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most? Bishies & chibis! hahahhaMLP Emote Bigmac Big Macintosh Shocked

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist? too many but i will say ShiningLegacy since i actually know them in real life  Cookie chomp 

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be? No one, let's keep that magic alive...

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life? KBeezie gave me premium once, and that was pretty awesome! Dancing Elsa (Icon) 

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art? Bright, neon, SUPER colourful colors:rainbow: 

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art? My studio with lots of bright light, scented candles and my favorite music blasting on the stereo :bademoticon: 

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory? Commissions of my OCs! Little glitter rainbow

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This journal helps me keep track of who I've commissioned [and when] so I don't forget [because life]
and also allows artists to keep me updated, if they so wish.

I will *try* to order this chronologically  //sweats i hate numbers
Unless otherwise noted, all commissions are paid in full.

To the lovely people listed here:
PLEASE please please do not feel as if i am rushing you!
Take your time - this is purely for my own records Heart 

1. Kunaike (chibi OC Pairing) 
2. AstrallyNight (REFUNDED-150Points)
3. minh-chau-ly (mini soft color chibi of Wolfia)
4. jorsu (chibi of TSFC)
5. pokmoncardz (page doll of Wolfia)
6. beautifuldreamerx (Shaded Experimental-tsfc Pony OC)
7. sam-sketch: (full body linework of my OC)
8. sam-sketch: (simple coloring full body of Wolfia)
9. Rianii (chibi of Wolfia)
10. xxrisako (Upper body starting at the knees of Frau)
11. MaeNemesis (special icons x2/chibis x2)
12.Shadilverlegacy (chibis x3)
13. SpeakingSecrets (chibi couple)
14. hito-chan19 (tea-cup icon of Wolfia)
15. jurassicjynx (flat color full body of Wolfia)
16. chibaram0ri (thigh-up of TSFC) (REFUNDED $10USD)
17. ataraxii (chibi of TSFC)
18. tsunyandere (chibi of Wolfia)
19. nekomiira (full body of TSFC)
20. hearty-chann (icon of Wolfia)
21. leniproduction (shaded colored chibi sketch of Niniimikaage)
22. nao-chan99 (chibi of Niniimikaage)
23. sukmina (headshot of Frau) 
24. reminel (wiggly icon of Wolfia)
25. naomiverhage (blinky icon + chibi of Wolfia, full body of Frau)
26.  electricheartbeats14 (chibi of Niniimikaage)
27.  lana-jay (genderbend of Wolfia)
28. sleepypandie (sketch bust of Wolfia)
29. nyeupe (cellends of Wolfia & Juxtapose, string of Niniimikaage)
30. harukitsu(solo chibi-Wolfia/sprite of Wolfia) [PARTIAL REFUND 825Points ]
31. PikaPaws (icon base#3 discontinued of Wolfia)
32. devlonewolfterror (headshot of Juxtapose)
33. momoeko96 (style2 sketch of TSFC)
34. PikaPaws (chibi of Wolfia)
35. kurai-aki (chibi sketch of Wolfia)
36. HatoriKumiko (1 halfbody and 2 flat chibi)
37. thatweasel (pixel icon of Wolfia)
38. lawlawruu (animated icon of Wolfia)
39. MoMoeko96 (two simple chibis-Wolfia & Juxtapose)
40. Varuren (chibi couple: Wolfia & Juxtapose, chibi solo of TSFC)
jurassicjynx (ref sheet of Wolfia) (REFUNDED-325Points
42. yuneiyo (chibi of Wolfia) 
43. PixiePot (logo design)
44.  bakaqeyama (Halloween chibi of Wolfia/Carnival Grrl) 
45. juddlesart (logo design)
46. ikaneandshindeizu (ribbon Wolfia)
47. vnxdarkbabie (Wolfia headshot) 
48. bakaqeyama (Holiday couple halfbody)
nhuquynhly (chibi couple/Wolfia & Juxtapose)
50. prettypumpkinhead (Holiday YCH couple: Wolfia & Juxtapose)
^i'm not sure i ever paid for this one (#50) and I'm no longer shipping these OCs together anyways so whatevs.
51. commission-with-zhar (Wolfia half-body)
52. danadani (chibi Wolfia/anime Wolfia/chibi Niniimikaage)
53. horror-kawaii YCH of Wolfia [sleep]

Mi'iwi (that's all)
 Wolfia By Reminel by toosexyforcontacts
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(That's Ojibwe for "check this out"!)

I've compiled a list of current give-aways and raffles by various awesome artists that I follow.

Visit their pages, send them some llama love & maybe even enter a few of these yourself!

:iconkaeryi: :iconkaeryi: :iconkaeryi:
Sweet chibis!
chibi giveaway!!! overahhh, sorry about the wait! i was at work like all day yesterday. 

Silver-Momo was the lucky number 7! congrazzles!!!
please send me your request through a note or something within 48 hours, or i'll have to pick again.
thank you everyone for participating! i gained a lot of watches through this, but not quite 2033 to do a reg chibi.
i hope anyone that watched me, wont unwatch now that this is over OTL
i really appreciate all of your support, so i'd like to do a ~*~**~*~ chibi giveaway ~*~*~**~*~
to celebrate 1.8k watchers (such an odd number OTL)
ends march 11
for this giveaway i'll be raffling off a doodle chibi.
to enter you must:
1. be a watcher of mine. new ones are welcome to participate.

:iconsleepypandie: :iconsleepypandie: :iconsleepypandie:
More fun chibis!

:iconzhar-nee: :iconzhar-nee: :iconzhar-nee: 
I have no words for how awesome I think this is!
<da:thumb id="510740717"/>

:iconshininglegacy: :iconshininglegacy: :iconshininglegacy: 
Not exactly a raffle [more like a kiriban] but she's an awesome IRL friend so who cares?
Free requests notice!I've decided when I get to 15,000 i will give out 10 free requests!
Merry Christmas! :iconmewplz:

:iconbkomei: :iconbkomei: :iconbkomei:
Another kiriban contest worth mentioning! 
CAUGHT BY  riyuozu riyuozu riyuozu
Catch my 100,00th page view in a screenshot (your whole screen, with a time stamp) and receive a free 8.x11" print-quality drawing/painting from me!! Seriously, anything as long as it's appropriate! 
Send the screenshot to me IN A NOTE titled Kiriban. You must be a watcher! But new watchers are absolutely welcome<3
In the case that no one catches the exact number, I'll be drawing a general thank you pic with my ocs!
DON'T CHEAT MAN, seriously it's not cool.


I scrambled the entire list three times then chose numbers with the random number generator!
The TWO fullshaded chibi winners are
The winner of one flatcolored chibi is

:iconyuroppa: :iconyuroppa: :iconyuroppa:
Adorable detailed chibis!  
Chibi Giveaway Raffle! [Closed, Winner Announced!]Congratulations to sleepypandie 
I input each name into the list randomizer at and these were the results:
I want to thank everyone who entered for their support and encouragement!
It really means the world to me to know there are so many people that believe in me and my art.
I plan to do more giveaways/raffles/kiribans in the near future!
I am so incredibly honored and thankful that over 500 people have watched me.
In celebration of that, and as my way of saying thank you, I decided to hold a chibi raffle!
I will be raffling off a tall chibi in this style:

How to enter:

1. Be a watcher.
2. Share this journal by linking to it in a journal or poll of your own.
3. Comment here with a link to where you shared this journal.
The de

Ok! Keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that I win some amazing art!

[Hey! Did I miss you? Are you /also/ having a cool contest/raffle/giveaway? Leave a comment & I will add you to this list]
Toosexyforcontacts By Eivven by toosexyforcontacts

Mi'iwi (that's all) 

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4 min read
Starting to think I am really out of touch with "kids these days"

I don't know how many of you who've seen this, here on dA and other art sites, but I've seen this so many times and it is just so, so SO tragic to me...

People who perpetuate the idea that art skills are the key to friendship

it is so incredulous to me that i think it bears repeating: yes, babies, there are actually folks out there who are trying to convince other folks that
art skills are the key to friendship

Sure, i get it: it's an art site. Please, fanboi/fangrl out!
It's totally ok and natural to admire someone's art but to associate their skills with your chance of being their friend, not cool [nor logical i might add...]

I've seen people who've asked others something similar to "Hey wanna be friends?" and someone replies with something along the lines of, "Nah, your art skills ain't on my level."


What does art have to do with being friends, especially what someone's level is? are we in preschool?

"sorry bruh but you can't sit at my table because i've advanced to washable-markers and you ain't off dem crayolas yet,    
we on another level from one another, yo"

Why would someone ever judge another person's personality based off their "art skills"?

I just find all of this super gross.

I cry so much on the inside whenever I see someone who goes all, "I would like to be your friend, but my art skills are not good enough." LIKE BBY NO, NO, STOP THAT, YOUR PERSONALITY IS PRECIOUS, LET ME LOVE YOU, COME 'ERE

Maybe it's because I'm a little older than the median dA users' age and my life perspective is different, but i srsly just can NOT wrap my mind around such a shallow mentality, and i see it more often the more i move about and use this site.

As a professional artist (YES PPL PAY ME TO DO THIS SH1T!) and, perhaps more importantly, an early-arts educator (aka I craft art experiences for young children who have never tried these mediums before), i am here to tell you, such a mind-set is FCUKED UP and NO ONE needs to subject themselves to such slop.

For the record, I hope that I have NEVER made someone feel this way !

[i am more or less unnoticed on dA except by my super fans, so there's little chance of this happening BUT STILL, just in case it ever has happened to you: PLEASE DON'T FEEL THAT WAY; I JUDGE PEOPLE BY THEIR ACTUAL PERSONALITY, not their "skill level."]

And if anyone else has ever tried to pull that sh1t on you, FORGET ABOUT THEM.
People like that aren't worth your time.

Mi'iwi (that's all)
Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] 

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