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my deviantART story

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 9:12 AM


i have a blog called "Too Sexy For Contacts"
i bought the domain name, too
so now, whenever i hear about an interesting site, app or gaming platform
i make it a point to join
and snatch up the username "toosexyforcontacts"

deviantART is no exception
so i joined, set up my profile page, uploaded a single stencil art that i'd done
and didn't log in again for a very, very long time

i never really did much on the site
until last summer, when i met ShiningLegacy and we became friends on FaceSpace
after seeing some of the art i had posted on there,
she encouraged me to start uploading it to DA as well
i've been a lot more active on here ever since

it took me some time to figure out how deviantART really worked
but now that i have,
i've really come to enjoy the site & its community of artists

mi'iwi (that's all)!

Remember Robin williams ( Star ) 

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