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This journal helps me keep track of who I've commissioned [and when] so I don't forget [because life]
and also allows artists to keep me updated, if they so wish.

I will *try* to order this chronologically  //sweats i hate numbers
Unless otherwise noted, all commissions are paid in full.

To the lovely people listed here:
PLEASE please please do not feel as if i am rushing you!
Take your time - this is purely for my own records Heart 

1. Kunaike (chibi OC Pairing) 
2. AstrallyNight (REFUNDED-150Points)
3. minh-chau-ly (mini soft color chibi of Wolfia)
4. jorsu (chibi of TSFC)
5. pokmoncardz (page doll of Wolfia)
6. beautifuldreamerx (Shaded Experimental-tsfc Pony OC)
7. sam-sketch: (full body linework of my OC)
8. sam-sketch: (simple coloring full body of Wolfia)
9. Rianii (chibi of Wolfia)
10. xxrisako (Upper body starting at the knees of Frau)
11. MaeNemesis (special icons x2/chibis x2)
12.Shadilverlegacy (chibis x3)
13. SpeakingSecrets (chibi couple)
14. hito-chan19 (tea-cup icon of Wolfia)
15. jurassicjynx (flat color full body of Wolfia)
16. chibaram0ri (thigh-up of TSFC) (REFUNDED $10USD)
17. ataraxii (chibi of TSFC)
18. tsunyandere (chibi of Wolfia)
19. nekomiira (full body of TSFC)
20. hearty-chann (icon of Wolfia)
21. leniproduction (shaded colored chibi sketch of Niniimikaage)
22. nao-chan99 (chibi of Niniimikaage)
23. sukmina (headshot of Frau) 
24. reminel (wiggly icon of Wolfia)
25. naomiverhage (blinky icon + chibi of Wolfia, full body of Frau)
26.  electricheartbeats14 (chibi of Niniimikaage)
27.  lana-jay (genderbend of Wolfia)
28. sleepypandie (sketch bust of Wolfia)
29. nyeupe (cellends of Wolfia & Juxtapose, string of Niniimikaage)
30. harukitsu(solo chibi-Wolfia/sprite of Wolfia) [PARTIAL REFUND 825Points ]
31. PikaPaws (icon base#3 discontinued of Wolfia)
32. devlonewolfterror (headshot of Juxtapose)
33. momoeko96 (style2 sketch of TSFC)
34. PikaPaws (chibi of Wolfia)
35. kurai-aki (chibi sketch of Wolfia)
36. HatoriKumiko (1 halfbody and 2 flat chibi)
37. thatweasel (pixel icon of Wolfia)
38. lawlawruu (animated icon of Wolfia)
39. MoMoeko96 (two simple chibis-Wolfia & Juxtapose)
40. Varuren (chibi couple: Wolfia & Juxtapose, chibi solo of TSFC)
jurassicjynx (ref sheet of Wolfia) (REFUNDED-325Points
42. yuneiyo (chibi of Wolfia) 
43. PixiePot (logo design)
44.  bakaqeyama (Halloween chibi of Wolfia/Carnival Grrl) 
45. juddlesart (logo design)
46. ikaneandshindeizu (ribbon Wolfia)
47. vnxdarkbabie (Wolfia headshot) 
48. bakaqeyama (Holiday couple halfbody)
nhuquynhly (chibi couple/Wolfia & Juxtapose)
50. prettypumpkinhead (Holiday YCH couple: Wolfia & Juxtapose)
^i'm not sure i ever paid for this one (#50) and I'm no longer shipping these OCs together anyways so whatevs.
51. commission-with-zhar (Wolfia half-body)
52. danadani (chibi Wolfia/anime Wolfia/chibi Niniimikaage)
53. horror-kawaii YCH of Wolfia [sleep]

Mi'iwi (that's all)
 Wolfia By Reminel by toosexyforcontacts
  • Listening to: Nightcore
  • Watching: Empire
  • Eating: Pocky
  • Drinking: Tea
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FluffyQueenz Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
wow i came across this but tbh :iconminh-chau-ly: is my side account so ya don't need to put it on the list xD 

btw i'm working on the couple chubs and i'd like to be paid via widget on :iconminh-chau-ly: 
it'd be 400 :points: ,am i correct ? 
toosexyforcontacts Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Professional General Artist
I believe I already paid in full...? Or at least I thought I had. On mobile now but can check later when I get to desktop.
FluffyQueenz Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I checked it already.
It's on the comments on the journal of cms of mine
I told you to pay for the couple later on because i'm a forgettful person ;w; i don't wanna ask for payment when you already paid
toosexyforcontacts Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Professional General Artist
Ah, OK, no problem! That's why I made this journal, because I'm also forgetful! I'll send payment once I'm on my desktop ASAP!
FluffyQueenz Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Okie dokie

Atm i've finished half the lineart but i don't think i can finish it rightaway, i'm pretty búy w/ homework ;w;
toosexyforcontacts Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Professional General Artist
No problem, I understand :) take your time! sending points to you now.
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