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I'm offering 5$/500points stress reliever commissions (SRCs)~ 

What I am offering:

Simple chibis.  These are meant to be something fun for me to do in-between bigger projects, and also to help me (because sometimes when I am having an art block, it helps me to jumpstart my vision by working on someone else's.)

They will be similar in style to these >


The rules and procedures are simple. 
Please read carefully before commenting with questions. 


5$ USD via Paypal - NOTE ME for my paypal info

    Point Right Please keep in mind that you will have to cover the Paypal fee for me. To do that: You can choose Personal Payments and Pay the Paypal fee me in the next step, or Send it as a Gift, or Add up 0.6$ per head when sending. Point Right Please include some message in the payment so that I know it's from you. Eg: 'From Sam-So-And-So on DA for 2 SRCs.' Point Right Finally, please pay only AFTER I ask you to.  This cuts down on errors, since I am unable to offer refunds once payment is rendered.

OR 500Points through the Donation Pool Widget on my front page

    Point Right Please ONLY send in a request to pay AFTER I ask you to. How to pay is instructed carefully on the widget itself.
Star! NOTE! The price is PER CHIBI.
For example, if you order one character but want me to draw, for example, 3 different poses for him/her, that would cost 15$/1500 points.

How to order

  1. Get your money/points ready, and keep them there till I ask for them. Don't pay in advance.
  2. Send me a note with the following form: Don't ask me if you can get one or if I am still opening for these. Just note me please.

    - Character's name:
    - Age: (If they don't look their age, please give me their age of look as well)
    - Personality: (keep it simple; I don't need their whole backstory)
    - References: 
    - Method of payment: (Paypal or points)
    - Extra: (Anything you want me to notice, but please keep it short.)
    If you comment with more than one character, please tell me pecifically who you want me to draw, or if you want them both, or whatever. Be as specific as possible.  

  3. Now WAIT. I will NOT reply to your note unless I am unclear about something. I will read your notes and randomly pick the ones I am inspired to work on. It won't be choosing in any particular order, and normally I don't reject any commission (unless it is for something on my can't/won't draw list), so please just WAIT patiently until I reply to you. 
  4. Do not rush me, or I will reject your order! These chibis are meant to help me relieve stress, not create more. I hope you understand.
  5. When I'm ready to draw your chibi(s), I will reply to your comment for payment. 
  6. Send me the payment as instructed. I will then work on the chibi(s) and will post your complete chibi in the SRC folder in my gallery.  I will notify you by note with a link to the deviation once I have posted it.  The final image will not be watermarked.
  7. Enjoy your chibi! 
Mi'iwi (that's all)!
 [MMD emoticon] Miku on a chair 

P.S>Much thanks to ZenithOmocha for inspiring me to do this through his own awesome SRC offer!
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Submitted on
September 24, 2014