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I've added the "Like This" button in every work I have on portfolio. check it out by full viewing my works on :)

Also did add the same button at
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Time to start:
1. Writing graduate work for 1st degree in I.T.
2. Stop playing so much Starcraft 2 and other games
3. Start working on new projects for Ke.mU Studio
4. Continue working as a freelancer
5. Stop writing shitty journal entries on DeV :)
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A little update of portolio ( ) and Deviant art profile.

Ok, back to the Starcraft 2 :D
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Got so many plans, so many things to do, but Starcraft 2 came out - I'm practically either at work or playing Starcraft 2 :)... here's my profile:… anyone want to fight 1v1 I'm ready :D
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Session at university completed in 90% - hope to end it soon.

My vacation? work, sleep, booze, booze, sleep, work, work, work, booze, booze...

Some updates on portfolio - new ideas and projects ahead, maybe some of them will be succesful this time :P
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103 items in portfolio,
98 items on DA,
3 projects pending,
6.5+ k visits on DA :)

That's pretty much all of what I wanted to say :)
Hey all,

Got designed new portfolio and coded it already:

also Trying myself at Clickbank Products, got idea, need to finish the design and got approved by Clickbank and will see what will be the outcome of this :)

Also, is up and running :)
thinking about doing some more mini sites, any ideas what would You like to see besides Image/File hosting and proxies?
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6k pageviews :)...

I'd like to thank the academy... nah, without the bullshit :)

Working on new portfolio,
developing Ke.mU,
new project to be announced soon ( Will see if it will be succes :) ), is online and working
developing my own pastebin

And a lot to do in job, good looking so far :)
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Still working Ke.mU Studio, still lots things to do.

Meh, haven't got skills with writing journals and blogs :P
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Long time since a wrote something in journal.

long story Short:

We're slowly closing our 3 Red Ants Studio ( and going to our new image/site/logo and stuff called KemU Studio ( for now splash screen can be seen here: )

Some projects done, some gone, some in progress, and that's a good thing I think :)

Anyway, cool to have 4,500+ visitors on my site :)
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2,000 Pageviews reached, now for the 10k Pageviews,hehe.

Anyway lets summary some of my times on Dev:

I'm here since Aug 20, 2006, 1:23 PM and got nearly 50 deviations, thanks to that i created my portfolio and starting some serious stuff going on :).
Got like 3 projects going:
  1. S.W.P.M - School of Music projects - under construction
  2. Total Passion - Site of a rock band -  - under construction (would be done long time ago, but the band don't want to finish the site yet...)
3. Calculla - - developing :), some of calculators are up and running, but still much work to do.
4. - - still in early ages.

Plus some freelancing stuff (actually much of it, but don't want to talk about it).

Anyway, thank You all for visiting my Dev site :).
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First of all, most of Web designs i've seen here are great.
And thats how i came with this question to You:
WHERE or HOW do you sell those web designs?

I did some on my own and i don't understand something - are my design are so sh*tty that noone wants to buy them or is it just normal that most of those designs i have seen here will never be online?

It's just...strange .

What do You think? :)
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