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What Shows We Like
by Emikodo, Sep 28, 2017, 12:58:53 PM

Why do people post negative comments about a rebooted show if they don't get to know it yet? These negativities have to stop! At least TRY to get to know about them before you even think of commenting.
You can't make us hate what you hate! It's nobody's fault that they want their favorite shows to come back.
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We all treasure our favorite shows, and wish they never end. But some things change. Whether rebooted or in our memories.

Reboots or not, I'm not putting my life on the line because of that.
The classics still live on no matter what.

Just give them a chance. And maybe you might find a favorite reboot show you might like.


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How do you know you don't like a reboot if you don't give it a chance first?
It's like trying a new dish, but with TV. You don't know what it taste like until you try it.

And we don't always judge the shows by their covers. We judge them by their actions.
What the characters will learn, what the characters can do, what the characters have done wrong, what funniest part, what touching part, you name it.


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Welcome to Toon World

FAQ Toon World 2017:

Here are show a little FAQs on Toon World so each member of this group can know how this group works

Toon World is a Deviant art Group founded in 2013 to make bring back your childhood, looking fan art of your favorite characters.

To participate you must contribute with deviations to Toon World’s ‘’FEATURED SECTION’’, could be yours or from a friend deviation. THE SORTING OF THE FOLDERS ARE WORK FOR THE FOUNDER AND THE COFOUNDERS. (If you want to be a co-founder, send a note to the founder of this group)

Are allowed all kind of deviations, but mostly we ask for Fan arts, however, OCs (Original Characters) are allowed; Cosplay, even mature deviations, but only we ask you to put the properly mature filter because some people do not like this kind of deviations.

FEATURING.- Feature is like a honor mention to the ‘’MOST ACTIVE MEMBERS WIDGET’’ in this group, the more members on the group, the more feature frequency happens, this is work for the FOUNDER AND COFOUNDERS can choose FOUR featured members

CONTRIBUTORS REALM.- THIS REALM ARE NOMINATED BY THE FOUNDER; located on the ‘’LATEST GALLERY CONTRIBUTORS WIDGET’’ this nomination can be elected only by the ‘’FOUNDER’’ each MONTH; contributors have the privileges of uploading Deviations without limits, without vote authorization.

Finally, we ask to have a calm connivance on the group, which is yours; have fun.

Guías Básicas de Mundo Toon 2017:

Aquí te mostramos una serie pequeña de preguntas resueltas en mundo toon para que cada miembro del grupo pueda conocer cómo funciona el grupo:

Mundo Toon es un grupo de deviant art fundado en el 2013 con la finalidad de hacer recordar la infancia al ver el fan art de dibujos de nuestros más admirados personajes que representaban nuestra infancia.

Para participar puedes contribuir con deviaciones a la galería de Mundo Toon, ya sean de tu autoría o de un amigo del cual admiras su trabajo; Publícalas en la sección de ‘’FEATURED’’ ES TRABAJO DEL FUNDADOR Y LOS COFUNDADORES EL ORDEN Y CATEGORÍA DE LAS DEVIACIONES. (Si quieres ser cofundador deberás mandar una nota al fundador)

Básicamente toda Deviación está permitida publicar pero se pide más que nada que se publique Fan art, pero de igual forma se pueden publicar Original Characters ‘’O.C.s’’, cosplays; hasta incluso mature, solamente te pedimos de que pongas el filtro correspondiente ya que a algunos integrantes no les gusta ver esta clase de publicaciones.

FEATURE.- El feature es como una mención honorifica a la gente ‘’MAS ACTIVA’’ en el grupo, la frecuencia aumenta de acuerdo al número de miembros, por el momento la mención es cada SEIS meses, y se realiza por medio de los ‘’JOURNAL ENTRY’’ esta mención es realizada por el FUNDADOR Y LOS COFUNDADORES.

CONTRIBUTORS.- Para ser parte del sindicato de contribuidores debes de estar constantemente publicando deviaciones en las galerías de Mundo Toon; que estarán reflejadas en la ventana de ‘’ULTIMOS CONTRIBUYENTES DE GALERIA’’ esta nominación la realiza el Fundador y esta nominación ocurre cada MES. Los contribuidores tienen la capacidad de publicar las deviaciones que quieran sin necesidad del voto de autorización del grupo

De igual forma se acude a llevar un ambiente sano de convivencia, este grupo es suyo, diviértanse.










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Welcome to Toon World, the most globalized group on Deviantart, created to bring back your childhood memories; share the fanarts, and meet other people who share the same interests (Pokemon, Anime, Cosplay, Videogames, Comics)
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Jul 16, 2013


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