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Date Night Memories
We find Dipper and Mabel seated at the table in the Mystery Shack’s kitchen. Mabel is eating lunch while Dipper checks his hair in a hand mirror. “You know,” suggested Dipper. “I love my wife, but our anniversary may be jinxed.”
“What makes you say that?” asked Mabel.
“Well, you remember how we spent our first anniversary in the hospital, and on the second…”
Dipper and Wendy are seated at a table at a fancy restaurant when a waiter approaches bearing a covered serving platter.
“Uh, I appreciate the service, but we haven’t even ordered yet.” Dipper said, curious.
The waiter’s eyes blink sideways before he throws away the serving platter’s lid, revealing a plasma rifle that he proceeds to brandish at them.
“Eat hot plasma, brat!” snarled the shapeshifter as he opened fire, the couple barely taking cover in time.
“Okay, but it could just b
:icontoonwatcher:Toonwatcher 2 0
What had started out as an ordinary morning (as normal as one can get in Gravity Falls, anyway) was quickly devolving into chaos. Having gone into town to carry out a list of errands, Dipper and Mabel had quickly eschewed their responsibilities in favor of running around flailing their limbs and shrieking at the top of their lungs.
Not of their own volition, mind you. Rather, some mysterious and alien force was now hijacking their voluntary muscle control, forcing them to act out its increasingly ridiculous whims.
"Okay, we need to figure this out," barked Dipper. "Whatever's causing this is clearly getting stronger by the..." He was cut off mid-sentence as his arms posed to either side and he began to sing "I'm a little teapot, short and stout, this is my handle, this is my spout!"
In spite of being forced to smear makeup from her purse on her face in a manner befitting your average rodeo clown, Mabel couldn't help but snicker at this.
"Mabel, it's not fu-When I get all steamed up, he
:icontoonwatcher:Toonwatcher 6 2
Timber Falls AU
The events at Northwest Fest take place very much like they did in the episode, but rather than tell Pacifica to get in the safe room, Mr. Northwest drags her in. Rather than burning Northwest Manor down, though, the lumberjack ghost instead opts to return it to the forest it was made from, turning it and everyone inside into trees.
When the Northwests finally manage to crawl out of their safe room, Pacifica is depressed because she failed to save Dipper and the guests when they were counting on her the most. When she finds out that her father intends to cut down the newly created grove in order to rebuild his estate, though, she decides to take a stand.
Calling the press, she tells them everything about the lumberjack's curse, about what really happened to all the people who disappeared the night of the party, everything. Soon the Northwests are the target of a media circus as Mr. Northwest begrudgingly declares the forest to be a nature preserve knowing that the public will wa
:icontoonwatcher:Toonwatcher 3 12
An Addition to the Troupe
Dear Madelyn,
Congratulations on your recent graduation from the Whirlin’ Merlin School of Magic. I know it didn’t entirely please Mom when she found out I was giving up my scholarly pursuits to tour the country in a colorful van, and it shocked her even more when we all decided to go into the performing arts. Thanks for your support with that, by the way.
The point I’m trying to make is that you might have trouble getting started in your career, but don’t let anyone tell you to give up or that you’re wrong to try. Anyway, since you were nice enough to come to our show when we were just starting out, I talked to the boss about having you test out a new attraction we’re working on: a holographic light show programmed by yours truly!
Don’t feel bad if it’s too short notice: I’ll understand if you can’t come. I won’t clown around about it. Otherwise you can find scheduling informati
:icontoonwatcher:Toonwatcher 11 4
The Show Must Go On
The Show Must Go On
Ringmaster sat motionless and silent in her dressing room, idly waiting for the time when she would announce the beginning of the show. Ringmaster did not care that she would be speaking in front of hundreds of people or that she would be in costume, for master took all fear and embarassment from her. She didn’t even mind that he took all profits for himself or that he never let her go home or do anything not related to her role as ringmaster. After all, she had no other purpose, did she?
Ringmaster frowned. Something about that last statement rang false in her mind. She had been instructed by master to ignore such feelings, but something drove her to think further about it. Through the haze covering her mind she saw an image of herself, clad in a strange orange sweater rather than her costume. Ringmaster, no, her name was something else, travelling across the US in a colorful van with…were those Lion Tamer, Tightrope Walker, Strongman, and Unicyclist?
:icontoonwatcher:Toonwatcher 14 7
Mature content
Lost Tapes S4: Dead End County Monster :icontoonwatcher:Toonwatcher 4 1
Lost Tapes S4 Idea: Gremlins
A group of students working on a short film for art class break into an old scrapyard home to the wreckage of old WWII fighter planes, only to end up disturbing a nest of small but vicious creatures.
Just when they finally try to leave, they find their car wrecked, with the tires slashed, the windows broken, & the engine torn out in several places. With help miles away & a storm brewing, will they manage to find shelter in the scrapyard, or will their intrusion be met with lethal force?
:icontoonwatcher:Toonwatcher 8 1
Birth of Warkimga
Kim struggled valiantly against Warhok's grasp, but the alien's grip was far too strong. Finally, he came to a chamber full of computers and threw her onto a small mechanical platform. Thinking she may have found her chance to escape, Kim quickly rose to her feet, prepared to dash for the open door, but before she could the platform activated in a ray of light, forcing her to stand ramrod straight on top of it.
"There is no escape from Lowardia," mocked Warmonga. Sneering, Kim replied "So why don't you just finish me off? I won't beg for my life!" Warhok chuckled as he pressed a few buttons on a nearby console. "Foolish girl," he said as the platform began to hum loudly beneath Kim's immobilized feet. "Our people did not come to rule so many galaxies by killing our enemies..."
Suddenly a bright, multicolored ray erupted from the platform, bathing Kim's body in its mutagenic glow. She felt as though her body were a piece of taffy in the hands of a giant as her skin, muscles, & even her
:icontoonwatcher:Toonwatcher 30 14
Mature content
Kim Tranceable :icontoonwatcher:Toonwatcher 67 5


Chris Mingus
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Favourite cartoon character: Monkey D. Luffy & Franky
Personal Quote: You'll get it now, if you're smart, at Malo Mart!


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