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ToonMaster2001 | He/Him | Québec, Canada

Diagnosed with Autism since 2005

Information of Myself

Me doing selfie outside (October 16th, 2022)

Real name: Josué Beauregard

Birthday: April 12th, 2001

Current age: 21

Nationality: Canadian

State/Province: Québec

Country: Canada

Spoken Languages: French (Native and Expert from Québec, Beginner from European), English (Intermediate from American, Canadian and British)

Time Zone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Hobbies: Computers, Programmers, Digital Arts, Fireworks

Dislikes: Vegetables, bugs (Ladybugs, beetles, etc.)

Favorite Music Genre: 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's (Disco, Pop, Classic Rock, and more)

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 (64-bit)

Softwares used for artworks: Microsoft Office PowerPoint (Main software), FWsim Fireworks Display Simulator, HeroForge, GIMP, Blender

Classification of my artworks

General Audience (Artwork Rating Stamp)

My videos content on YouTube

Loved my content? Feel free to give a watch!

Art Status and Rules

Please read my art status and rules before viewing my profile, commenting or interacting.

Art Status
  1. If you want me to draw something, it is either art trades or points commissions.

  2. If you want an art trade with me, please comment ony my Profile page or send message to Notes, not on any artworks.

  3. If you want a commission, please read my commissions journal and fill the form in Google Forms.

  4. Do not ask me to watching you.

  5. Do not blocking/unwatching me on purpose for no reason.

  6. Comment for requests will be immediately deleted, if spams 3 times will be blocked.

  7. Do not harassing/bullying me.

  8. Do not comment on any artworks that are not related to my artworks.

  9. I do not draw media characters at this time, maybe in the next few years.

  10. While I'm taking my nap or when I'm sleeping, do not disturbing me by sending DMs or Notes.

  11. Do not steal my artworks to be claim as yours, otherwise will be filed to DMCA.

  12. I am very selective for what I'm drawing a gifts for other deviants.

  13. No spamming/NSFW comments.

  14. I do not support NFTs for my arts, ever.

  15. I do not allow AI arts for my arts either.

  16. If you don't liked my content, just leave.

Anyone who violates my rules will be instantly blocked from my profile page.

If you draw a fanart of one of my characters, do not make a NSFW content and make sure to give me a credit.

Points Commissions

Ninja Llama: Llamas are awesome! (779)
Diamond: It's the highest of honors to be awarded an exclusive Diamond badge! (5)
Emerald: It's a great honor to be awarded an Emerald badge! (4)
ValentinesDay2021: Participated in Valentine's Day 2021 campaign
Quartz: It's a big honor to be awarded a Quartz badge! (36)

My Routine Schedule

Nap Time: 12:30PM/1:00PM - 3:00PM/3:30PM (EST)

Sleep Time (Vacation/Weekend): 12:00AM - 8:00AM/8:30AM (EST)

NOTE: Do not disturbing me by sending me a DM or Notes while I'm taking my nap or sleeping at these schedules.

Encountered a stolen artwork?

Click and follow this journal for how to file a DMCA takedown notice on DeviantArt:

Feel free to favorite this journal in mind.

Points Commissions is now open! Here's the references details and prices before you starts commissioning me: Important things to tell you: Points commissions is now open everyday. Do not send me notes when points commissions are closed. After you filled out the form with details that you want me to draw, I will review it then I will calculate how much points it costs until I'll send you a checkout. Do not rush or harassing me because it may sometimes being delayed for getting busy with something else and even with school. If you have shortage of points, I'll give you 2 weeks before I cancel your commission. If you break the rules for commissions about 2 chances, I will instantly canceled and also being blocked. If you'd like to commission, please fill out the form from Google Docs. Do NOT comment on my profile. Once you received a checkout: Fill out the commission request form Click here to see the progress status of commissions. Commissions Slots: @TonyYorkieSilky1991
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By compressing all folders including subfolders and files on your computer, this actually takes a lot of free space on your hard disk. How to do it? Right click on any folders or files. Click Properties. Click Advanced... Under Compress or Encrypt attributes section, select Compress contents to save disk space then click OK. Click Apply or OK then select either Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files or Apply changes to this folder only. After that, wait until the process is completed. Check the hard disk's space under My PC and see if it saved a lot of space.
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Coming at December 21st, 2022 for the Christmas Special Fireworks Display on YouTube!
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Oh yeah! Thanks man!

You are awesome.

Hi, thanks for the llama 😋

Thank you for the badge! ^^

I just hate the one and only ----ing DJX214