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(This will probably open a can of worms but) I had a thought the other day. Why exactly is it that the Dancers are Demyx's Nobody minions? I know it's stated in a guide that they are, but as far as I know, that and the fact they're called "Dancers" and he says "Dance, water, dance!" are the only pieces of evidence. While normally it would be, that's barely enough ground to stand on for me. Especially when I recently noticed that the water clones in his fights are shaped exactly like the Creepers with guitars, plus they fit the idea of Demyx's water clones are fluid and can form any shape. Along with them appearing weak and lowly what with them slowly crawling on the ground. Seriously, I barely see anyone take notice or mention of the clones designs and are just ok with the female Nobodies being his minions just because the official guide said it. Personally, looking at the reasonings, I feel like there was a mix up in the information in the guide of which is Demyx's minions and which are the second set of low-class Nobodies. If anyone can find Nomura explaining it or ask him about it, please let me know or direct me to a video clip of him talking about it. I feel like this needs to be brought up.
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