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So I decided to make a bit of a "Muse character/Avatar" for myself. A lot of people have at least one to represent their "face" and it might be confusing where I have/will have a lot of character designs posted here. So I figured to have someone represent me in drawings where it's me doing some kind of joke or whatever, basically my "4th wall break" escape goat if I feel like it. I also created a few eye designs cause I wasn't sure what I wanted to go with, so I just mocked up some designs for the mask. When I figure out which ones I wanna use, I'll try to mock up an expression sheet for him  when there is a bit of a consensus on which eyes to use (I also wanna do a Hollow Knight bug character, but where I don't know how I wanna go about the overall design for it at the moment, probably gonna hold that one off). Btw, if you can't read it, under "Eyes 5" it says "(Reverse B&Y)", and under the "Back" view it says "Alt. view (both arms & legs).

Again, sorry for poor lighting, phone camera. And sorry for jank body, I'm terrible with proportions.

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This is neat. In my opinion I think just having eyes like that could open it up for some pretty funny expressions (you know considering you just have eyes to work with). Also I find the streamlining of the overall outfit to be cool.

Oh also I should add that if you want my thoughts on the eyes. I'd say yellow outline and blue insides. So basically "Eyes 4". Reasoning is that the rest of the costume already has Blue outlined by yellow. Oh and also cause you could potentially use the blue like the eyelids, so its more noticeable when the eyes close or narrow (like spiderman or deadpool lol).
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thanks XP

yeah thats the idea i was going for, but i was leaning more towards 2 cause i was gonna have both the yellow and white be the expressions, like the yellow be the brow and cheeks while the white would act like the eye lids
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Your Welcome lol.

And ah I see. okay that's pretty cool too. I kinda just leaned to the other at first due to my OCD XD. Anyway I do like this design for your self-insert. 
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Nah i get it XP someone from a discord server im in liked one mock up test design someone did where it was eyes 2 but the white of the inside be blue, but im kind of eh on that cause comparatively, in my head, yellow would be a better lens than blue, but i feel like it would then clash with the "blue separated from the black by yellow" aesthetic
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Oh I see. lol. Yeah I'm pretty sure you can pull it off somehow still.

Were the eyes the only things on the mask you were gonna have? Saying cuz i just realized that if you needed/wanted to add blue in some way to the head then you could add some form of ornamentation or extra pieces (I guess an example would be like those crests on MegaMan's helmet. oh or ear pieces lol). Again not saying you should do that, was just curious about it lol.
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Yeah it was just gonna be the eyes. have it be a relatively simple costume.
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Oh okay great. Do you plan on using this character often? You know aside from the 4th wall gags or just for the 4th wall gags? Was a little curious about that lol.
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Maybe. Not entirely sure since I haven't been very motivated as of late. Maybe in the future.
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