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Pepsiman's 20th Anniversary

By Toonman509
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Today was the day Pepsiman's most notable game was released back in 1999. Gotta admit, when I discovered these characters (Pepsiman/woman) I fell in love with them and their overall sillyness. I think he is at least still a thing? I'm not quite sure, there are videos of a dance group that sport the suit from Korea, I think? I've tried looking more into it but there isn't that much info about the goup or if the group is still active. I would like to hope so though, would love a return of Pepsiman. Btw if you were wondering who the person is on the left, it IS Dr Pepper, but she was not a part of any of the commercials. She is a character I made that is based on Pepsiman/woman. She is also a character in a game idea I have on the backburner whenever I get the chance to make games. I have a few characters already and may try to reveal them in time, but I'm keeping the over all stuff very hush hush (have only shared it with a couple of friends) so as to be sure that if the game idea or at least something similar to the one I have in mind is made, I'll have at least SOME kind of claim. Granted if someone is able to make my game possible or is maybe inspired, all I ask is to be referenced if they get the idea from me in some way. Source the creators, it's the best thing you can do. Granted I'm not as active as I'd like to be, but hopefully that changes.

And sorry for the blurryness on the pic, couldn't help it. Crap phone camera doesn't like art. >:T

Pepsi & Dr Pepper Brands Copyright PepsiCo
Pepsiman & Pepsiwoman Copyright Pepsi's Japanese branch, design by Canadian comic book artist, Travist Charest
Dr Pepper character design Copyright Me
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Mmmmmm Dr Peppers~

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Thanks for the fav, and yee XP Not entirely sure if i should redesign her and incorporate the recent time traveling steam punk guy

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