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This is an Animaniacs character that I've thought about before. He's basically me in the world of Warner Bros. His story is that even though he's a Toon, he still needs a job in order to get by. Only 20 years old (how long he has existed after he was first drawn (using this for the story, only really became a concept in recent years, and drawn even sooner ^^;)), he really didn't know of anywhere he could get a start. But as long as he's been around, he's looked to Warner Bros. for inspiration, and other cartoons as well for morals, but more specifically, the Looney Tunes for the full potential (he believes) for Toons. This gave him a subliminal thought process for what he would like to do, although, he could really do anything he wanted. And after he left his hometown for a job he believes will let him live to his potential. He had a few ideas of what he could do, should he get a job related to the WB lot, but his dream job would be either an actor or at the least, a stunt double. But when he arrives at the lot, he finds that getting a job on the lot itself is harder than he originally thought, and he knew it was tough, but he didn't realize how tough it would be for a Toon. Although he had a good trip on the lot tour, he was having a few doubts and low self esteem. He stopped at a nearby coffee shop, just to try to compose himself. And even though he saw that the area was quite busy he noticed that it was slightly veered toward one cafe shop on one side of the street. He felt that it would feel very hectic due to the shear number of people, and that was NOT what he needed. He looked on the opposing side and saw another coffee shop that seem VERY vacant compared to the other. "Probably competing places", he thought. So, he stepped in the simple shop, and saw that it was very calm, just what he needed. Although he could probably calm down more if the guy in the back wasn't causing such a ruckus in the kitchen. So, he sat at the table near a window to try and compose his thoughts. As he was staring out the glass with a thousand yard stare and observe his possible options, one of the workers of the coffee shop approached to take his order. Not paying attention, the young Toon girl walked up to him with a noticeable Chinese accent and broken English, "What will you have?", she asked. "OH! Sorry, I was starring off into space. I'll just have a water." As she was going to fulfill his order, the owner of the restaurant, Jim the Bear (have to ask Rockleetist about it and keep up with the story she's making if your interested), was walking around, just seeing how the place was doing, and as he was inspecting the the dining room, he noticed how stressed the kid in the corner was. So, the wise Toon bear went over to maybe give the "young adult" some food for thought. "Somthin' on your mind?", he said with his low, deep, grizzly, Colonel Sanders-like voice as he sat down with the young Toon. "Yeah, I came here looking for a job and I'm not sure where to start. I tried to sit down and gather my thoughts here to see if I could think of something.", he said. Jim asked, "Well, what did ya have in mind?". "Well," he started, "I was maybe hoping to try and maybe get into the acting business for Warner Bros., maybe as a stunt man for them. I don't know, I'm just having trouble trying to figure out where I could get a good start into the business. Don't suppose you would have an idea as to what I could do?" "Well, I might.", Jim said with a gentle smile. Little did he know, Jim was a stunt man before running the coffee shop. "I wouldn't mind having a helping hand here, but I feel like you have your heart set on this goal." Jim said, "I suggest looking into the ACME Gag Factory. It's not stunt work, but it helps with a start to have that kind of resilience record for stunt work." "Alright, I'll look into it. Thanks.", the young Toon said, returning a smile of confidence to Jim, now having at least somewhere to start. He headed out, but quickly remembered that he ordered a water. He went back to pay for it, but Jim said "Don't worry about it, it's just water." "Well, it would ease my conscience if I at least payed for it." He gave Jim the money and left saying, "Thanks again!". Jim sat there with an easing smile across his face then the young waitress finally came back with the water, and with a confused look on her face, asked Jim, "Where did the young man go?" "He went to get his start." said Jim, feeling as if he did his good deed for the day and headed back to his office. "HOW IN THE F#(% DID THIS HAPPEN?!?! A GUY JUST ASKED FOR F#&(%!# WATER!!! WHY IS THERE A FREAKIN' GOAT HERE?!?! Wait, HOW DID YOU EVEN GET A GOAT XIAO?!?!" screamed the young Toon chicken at her. "I sorry, Fowlmouth. I take care of it!". "*sigh* Good grief, Xiao. How do you even pull these things off?", said a very depressed sounding Toon co-worker. "I sorry, Gley! I take care of it now!" The girl said with a spastic tone, hurrying to the back of the cafe. Jim said, "Hey Grey, how about you give her a hand? You too, Fowlmouth" "Alright Jim." said Grey. Fowlmouth replied, "I still can't get my head around how she got a freakin' GOAT. We don't even have freekin' LAMB CHOPS on the menu!" Over at the ACME Gag Factory, our aspiring young Toon looks onto the building with a face of despair, feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. He took a deep breath to try to calm himself saying "Well, here goes nothin'." and headed inside. As he approached the front desk, he saw a lone woman with a stern look on her face filing out paper work. Still feeling butterflies in his gut, he makes himself known to the secretary, somewhat unsure if she's the right person to talk to. "Um, hi. I would like to file an application for a job here." She looks up at him with a deadpan expression, somewhat annoyed  that she was interrupted from her filing work. "And what would you like to apply for?", said the woman. "Well, I was told this is a good place to start for an aspiring stunt career?", said the nervous Toon. "Ooohh, I see. Well, I'm not sure if we have any open windows but..." as she was checking the records, someone from further inside the building shouted, "I CAN'T TAKE IT!!". A man came through the doors covered in soot and a ripped up one piece suit as if he fought a shark in a chimney. "I'VE HAD IT WITH THIS JOB! Find someone else to test out your faulty, wacky tools and equipment! I QUIT!", said the rage-induced man as he walked out the door, leaving black footprints and a cloud of ash in his wake. The woman, looking onto what was happening, turned back to the young applicant and said, "I believe a position has just opened up." "OH, great!" said the supervisor trying to reason with the man beforehand, "Where in the world am I gonna find someone that can handle testing all of the equipment we make? It's not like employees just show up at our doorstep! Margret, see if you can put an ad in the paper to take care of the position.", said the CEO, unaware of the young Toon that witnessed the recent event. "We may not have to, sir.", replied the secretary. "OH? Do you so HAPPEN to know someone that can do the job?!?", asked the boss, still in annoyance of the recent ex-employee. "I believe this young aspiring stunt Toon here could use the job." said the desk worker, gesturing towards the young man. The, still slightly confused, man looked over and saw the young Toon the woman at the desk was pointing to. The young Toon gave a small wave with a very nervous smile on his face. "You take hits well, son?", asked the supervisor. "Well,", said the young man, "I AM a Toon so, I got THAT going for me. Will that do?" Seeing as it was a good circumstance benefiting both, he replies "You're hired. You start next week." The Toon thought to himself, 'I'm slightly worried that this was too easy, but I'll take it.' And so, he started his career as an ACME Gag Factory Tester. He also does delivery on the side, more specifically, delivery of equipment to the Warner Bros. lot. Due to this he has had a bit of a privilege to meet some of the actors and stars of WB, such as Bugs Bunny and the Warner Siblings. But his job also has a bit of a risk, testing all of the equipment the company makes, he tends to make quite a mess at the ACME Gag Factory, thankfully he doesn't have to worry about bruises and such, ACME has a surprisingly well thought out and beneficial company health plan.

P.S. Sorry for the long description. Wasn't sure how to type out his story. ^^;

P.S.S. Big "Toonman" autograph because i was bored and was trying out that font to see how it would look. Don't judge me.

P.S.S.S. Rockleetist, what do you think?

Character and backstory = Me
World and relating story elements (time and place) = Inspired by rockleetist's fan story
Animaniacs and other Warner Bros. material = WB (of course)
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Animaniacs! Now that's something I haven't seen / heard in yeeeaarrrrsss!!!
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What do you think?
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I love it! Still reading through some of it but I like what I see!
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Alright, thanks! :)
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He ended up as a test dumby for gag equipment, hopefully he stays safe. Sounds like a dangerous job with lots of hazards.  But ... well, he's a toon so... he'll survive in the end right!?
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Yeah, thats why he was able to get the job! :XD: His position counts as like a Toons stereotypical flipping burgers job. ;P
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