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I was wondering, should I use the current design I have for the battle skirt, or should I have it where its just a clothed one that goes over the armor? I'll probably have the second version held up by a belt that looks like Broly's, but have it where the cloth is held by it not only by the belt itself, but by the same kind of buckles that King Vegeta and young Prince Vegeta had to hold their capes in place. One buckle on the front where originally the blue gem was, 2 on the sides and one on the back. one thing im having trouble with is how I'm going to either have my tail through it or under it. Basically have something similar to Basaku's class-up design from Dragon Ball Heroes. You can somewhat see what he has in this shot here. (The Saiyan Male with the hair similar to Raditz) I'm not sure if I'll keep the single armor part in front of the waist or just have a second piece of cloth for that spot like how Broly has.

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