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:icontoonime:Toonime posted a status
Just woke up from an awesome dream where I was, at first, a reluctant, last minute speaker for a gaming seminar of some kind, so while the others were all wearing suits, I was wearing regular street clothes. I got up on stage with a annoyingly bright light in my eyes, so I couldn't see very well, but I first told a bunch of jokes, which everybody laughed at, then completely forgot what I was gonna talk about, but then went on a whole spiel about my topic, my dream even did that movie bit where sweet music plays while they show the person talking, but muted, with different camera angles and fades from one clip to the other. Apparently though, I was either talking too much or something, because part of the audience left part way through. Though, after my speech, they came back and congratulated me. Then while I'm talking to someone, I wake up.

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