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Getting back to doodling after a while has been difficult, and I feel I am out of practice, but I managed a few quick sketches. I can post them up some time later, since they still need work. It's times like these I wish my room wasn't so cluttered and I had a proper work space(or even better a Cintiq as well). I always feel restricted when drawing in a sketch book, and that I can't fully express myself in such a confined space. Oh well, at least I can still draw.

Also, a bit of sad news. The orange kitten from these pictures Baby kittens update photos by Toonime had passed away last week. Turns out when trying to change the formula brand they were drinking, the kittens got bad diarrhea, losing lots of weight and fluids. The gray kitten survived, but no matter what they tried, the little orange tabby didn't survive. I am very sad for this loss, since he was my fav of the two, and it feels so weird to realize that not too long ago, I helped feed and care for this frail, little thing. It's sad when such sweet animals die, but it's even sadder when they die so young. This little guy was only on earth for less than a month, and now he's gone. Hope you find peace wherever you are little guy.
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Submitted on
October 7, 2015