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Voovoom Bubvloo and Boovoom by Toonime Voovoom Bubvloo and Boovoom by Toonime
These were interesting to color, since trying to figure color schemes that didn't have parts match on others, and have a nice color match, was a bit challenging. Voovoom (left) was the hardest, but Bubvloo (middle) and Boovoom (right) were pretty easy. Normal colors are on the top and the shinies are on the bottom.

Voovoom (Voom, the sound a vacuum makes, twice/ Voo-voom)
Vacuum Pokemon
Ability: Filter/Inhale*
Ht: 2'04"
Wt: 33 Lbs.
Evolves to Bubvloo w/ Water Stone
Evolves to Boovoom w/ Fire Stone

It constantly sucks things up with its powerful mouth. Its tail is actually a large sack that helps hold all excess air and small debris. It then can use this air to blow away attackers or obstacles.

Bubvloo (Bubble and Voom combined/ Bub-vloo)
Water Jet Pokemon
Ability: Hydration/Liquid Inhale**
Ht: 3'04"
Wt: 78 Lbs.
Evolves from Voovoom w/ Water Stone

It lives near lakes and rivers, so it has a large enough water supply to use as a weapon. It will suck up the water into its tail sack, and then blast it out at 500 p.s.i. It never uses water that is dirty or contaminated.

Boovoom (Boom-Voom, the sound a vacuum makes/ Boo-voom)
Flamethrower Pokemon
Ability: Flash Fire/Flame Inhale***
Evolves from Voovoom w/ Fire Stone

It now uses the oxygen it breathes in to help fuel its fire. It can create a fireball twice as big as a Snorlax by blasting out all the air it breathed in, in one blow. It likes to live near forests, where it can get a continuous fresh oxygen supply.

*Inhale: Inhales wind-based moves (i.e. Gust) and ATK is increased. Is not hurt by wind-based moves.
**Liquid Inhale: Inhales water-based moves (i.e. Water Gun) and ATK is increased. Is not hurt by water-based moves.
***Flame Inhale: Inhales fire-based moves (i.e. Ember) and ATK is increased. Is not hurt by fire-based moves.

pokemon copyright Nintendo

fakemon copyright :icontoonime:
Uchiha00006 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hm, the middle one reminds me of water, the one to the right reminds me of fire, and the last one I can't even figure out what type it would be.
Toonime Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
They're Dragon types. Voovoom is pure Dragon, Bubvloo is Water/Dragon, and Boovoom is Fire/Dragon. Voovoom evolves into Bubvloo when given a water stone, and it evolves into Boovoom when given a fire stone.
Uchiha00006 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, that makes more sense, thanks for clarifying me XD
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