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Sloguard and Quaroth
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I decided to color Sloguard (left) and Quaroth (right) last minute, and I'm glad I did. Even though the coloring didn't go too well, it still came out nice. Normal colors are on top, and the shiny colors are on the bottom.

Sloguard (Slow-Guard/ Slow-guard)
Sloth Pokemon
Ability: Rock Head/Shell Armor
Ht: 3'04"
Wt: 124 Lbs.
Evolves to Quaroth at Lv. 40

This pokemon had evolved a strong armor to protect itself due to its slow speed. Its long claws are sharp enough to cut clean through trees. This allowed it to get to the leaves at the top, which were its main food source.

Quaroth (Quarry-Sloth/ Quar-oth)
Sloth Pokemon
Ability:Rock Head/Shell Armor
Ht: 7'08"
Wt: 453 Lbs.
Evolves from Sloguard at Lv. 40

Its armor and strength have increased greatly, making it a feared adversary in ancient times. Using its long tongue, it would now lick up leaves in trees instead of cutting them down. They also like to like rocks for the minerals and salt.

pokemon copyright Nintendo

fakemon copyright :icontoonime:
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k-hots|Hobbyist General Artist
i like the "hood-like" and "dino-mammal-feel" of the first stage. the second stage is not as good in my opinion with less of the two elements...
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