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Meet Teddy by Toonime Meet Teddy by Toonime
Well, it's been quite a while since I added anything, so I thought I'd put a little collage up of the newest member of my furry family. I've posted all these pics on my Twitter page, but I didn't here because these are from my mother and I's smartphones, so I had to download them from Twitter. The pictures are oldest on the bottom right, and newest on the top left.

Name: Teddy Bear(Teddy for short)
Nicknames: Little Bear, Sneezer, Butterball
Breed: Flame Point Siamese mix
Birthdate: August 2017 (best estimate)
Fun Fact: Was going to name him Manson/Manny as a joke since my parents' cat's name is Charlie. But stopped after a few days.

Teddy showed up at the gas station I am working at in my parents' small town a few days before Christmas, and the girls who run it called us up to come see if we wanted him. I drive down with my parents' cat carrier to meet him. He was around 4 months old, and even though he was dirty and his breath smelled awful, he was quite plump and sociable. We took him in and got him cleaned up. Later taking him to the vet, we find out he had a slight Upper Respiratory Infection(basically a small cold for cats), an abscess on his tongue, as well as still needing to be fixed. After giving him medicine for a few weeks, he gets fixed, but his breath is still bad. Later he gets a lump under his chin, and it turns out he has Gingivitis. After fixing that, no more stinky breath now.

He is an utter delight and quite the character, and I would never want to give him up. Being a kitten, he loves to have fun and play fight, and get into things and places he shouldn't. He LOVES treats, and expects them anytime someone is in the kitchen, or the bathroom where his litter box and food dishes are. Even though we want him to be an indoor cat, he's starting to get curious about where the dogs go when they go outside, so we keep an eye on him. He also still has little sneezing fits from time to time, even though he's healthy, so I guess he's allergic to something XD. All I can say is, he's like an unexpected Christmas gift, here to keep me company since my first kitty, Joey, is still back in California. I always want him to be my little guy.
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