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Jack-O-Lanterns 2011 by Toonime Jack-O-Lanterns 2011 by Toonime
Here's my group of Jack-o-lanterns for this year. The three small ones were bought by my mom, and the big one by me. I love how these came out, and look foward to next year's creations.

In case you don't know the legend behind these little guys, allow me to elaborate:

"Back in Ireland, many a Celtic legend tells of a man named 'Stingy Jack'. As his name suggests, Jack was a lazy jerk, but he was very clever. How the story goes has many variations, but they all end up the same. One way is that Jack is having a few drinks with the Devil. Jack, being as lazy as he was, had no money. He cleverly decides to get the Devil to turn into a silver piece, so he can pay for the drinks."

"The Devil agrees, and becomes a silver coin. Jack then stuck the devil coin into his coin bag, which contained a silver cross, preventing the Devil from changing back. Jack said he would only let him out under two conditions:

1. He must never take Jack's soul to Hell
2. He must leave Jack alone for one year

The Devil, having no choice, agrees. After one year, the Devil wants revenge. But Jack, still clever as always, tricks the Devil again, by asking him to get a piece of fruit from a tree. While the Devil is in the tree, Jack carves a cross into the tree, preventing the Devil from getting down. Jack ask for another condition to let the Devil down. He says that the Devil must now leave him alone for 10 years."

"The Devil once again agrees, and goes on his way. Before the 10 years are up however, Jack dies. Since Jack was so sinful, God wouldn't let him into Heaven, and due to his deal, the Devil wouldn't let him into Hell. Jack now became a spirit, forever cursed to walk the earth."

The Devil, being a mean spirited jerk, gave Jack an ever-burning ember from the fires of Hell, as a reminder to his suffering. Jack then took a Turnip, supposedly his favorite food, carved it out, and put the ember into it, helping him light his way."

"The Irish reffered to Jack now as 'Jack of the Lantern", which later became 'Jack o' Lantern'. The original Jack-o-lanterns were carved out of beets and turnips and filled with lights, as a way to keep Jack and other dark spirits away from their homes and crops. When these immigrants came to America though, they switched to Pumpkins, as they were much more available during this time of year, and wer larger and easier to carve."

Happy Halloween!!! >:3
Uchiha00006 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Halloween! Nice Jack-O-Lanterns. XD
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October 31, 2011
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