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Fakemon roughs 7 by Toonime Fakemon roughs 7 by Toonime
This one is the only one in the Tohoku region to evolve like this. [link] will evolve into Propunch when Atk>Def, and it will evolve into Neuton when Def>Atk.

Propunch (Proton-Punch)
Proton Pokemon
Evolves from Elatom at Lv. 20 when Atk>Def

Propunch came to be when scientists raised an Elatom for offensive battling. Giving off a lot of energy, it tends to act very aggresive. It will attack all sources of energy that interfere with its energy field.

Nucrash (Nuclear-Crash)
Radiation Pokemon
Evolves from Propunch when a Neuton is in team* and levels up

This pokemon is filled with so much energy, it constantly moves to try and deplete it. It is believed that if it ever stopped moving for too long, it would go into a mindless rage until the excess energy could be released.

Neuton (Neutron-Ton)
Neutron Pokemon
Evolves from Elatom at Lv. 20 when Def>Atk

Neutron was found when an Elatom was made to be a defensive battler. It is so heavy for its size, it is almost impossible for a body builder to lift it. It sometimes doesn't move at all for days on end.

Parton (Particle-Ton)
Dense Pokemon
Evolves from Neuton when a Propunch is in team* and levels up

This pokemon is the densest in the world. It is so heavy and dense that not even a rock slide could move it. When it moves, the ground shakes. It is so heavy it can create a crater 10 feet in diameter if it fell from just 30 feet.

*The Nueton and Propunch have to be on opposing sides of the team (Ex: 1st pokemon- Propunch/6th pokemon- Neuton and vice versa) When one levels up, the other will still evolve after it levels up too.

Pokemon copyright Nintendo

All Fakemon copyright :icontoonime:
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